5 Rock-Solid Reasons to Upgrade to macOS Sierra

There’s no wonder when Apple launches a new OS, whether it is iOS or Mac, a typical user will ask for the features present in it. In such a perspective, macOS Sierra has a lot to offer. But, just like any other upgrade, you need to have solid reasons to prove you haven’t done anything wrong by upgrading to Sierra.

Here are the best 5 reasons you can justify for performing macOS Sierra upgrade

Siri on Mac for the First Time

Now, you can do almost all the same things with Siri on your Mac as you did on your iPhone or iPad, and even more

For example, you can ask Siri about where the files are stored on your Mac by default. You can setup meetings, perform image searches and a lot more. You’ll get live feeds on sports, movies, weather etc. And, even you can pin results from Siri in the notification area for faster access. And, Siri’s spell checker is astounding.

iCloud Desktop and Documents

macOS Sierra allows you to sync everything in your Desktop and Documents folder using iCloud drive making those items accessible with all your other devices. When you first install Sierra, you will be prompted to turn on the desktop and document sync service. Even you ignore the prompt, you can manually turn it on later.

Anyway, if you’re relying on Apple’s 5 GB free iCloud storage, it’s not recommended to turn on this service. Since most of you store a large number of files on desktop and documents, enabling this option will consume a significant storage on iCloud.

Optimized Storage

Sierra does allow you to easily free up space on Mac without manually finding and deleting individual files. And, it removes duplicated files, unwanted email attachments and so on. All of these Sierra’s space saving features can be collectively named as “Optimized Storage”.

Continuity: Universal Clipboard

Sierra along with iOS 10 support a Universal Clipboard feature that makes easier to transfer files between your Mac and iPhone/iPad. Using this feature, you can copy files from your Mac and paste it on your iOS device and vice versa.

APFS: The next macOS (and iOS) File System

One of the most interesting features of macOS Sierra is something that won’t be available until next year. It’s Apple’s new file system for Mac, APFS. The HFS+ file system using today’s Macs were introduced in later 90’s and that file system is not particularly engineered for today’s Apple devices – Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and so on. The new APFS file system is designed to back modern hardware along with cloud. As compared to HFS+, APFS offers more security, reliability and encryption features that are inevitable for a modern file system. It is optimized for flash storage, offers better space allocation and supports instant cloning of files and folders.

A developer preview of APFS file system is available on the current released version of macOS Sierra. Still, it can’t be considered as a full version since it’s not bootable.

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