5 Tips on “Free and Paid” Video Repair Apps

Every time, you come across a video file that does not play. You come across a dilemma of whether, to go with free or paid video repair apps. It is obvious, as each of these photos and videos has a special place in your treasure of memories. Whenever, a video file be it video files avi., mov., mp4., flv., wmv., asf., mpg., etc. get corrupted or damaged, there are several reasons behind it. The best thing to do is to get a video repair app and fix it at the earliest.

“Free or Paid” Video Repair Apps

Coming down to the important question is whether, to go for the free video repair app or the paid video repair app. What most people do not realize is, when we read free video repair app. It is generally talking about a 'free trial pack or demo version' video repair. The disadvantage of going in for these constant trial packs is that you can only repair files that are usually less than, 10 MB. It’s good to go in for these ‘trial/demo’ versions only so you can make a sound decision on which product you want to buy. A paid version always helps as you will be able to repair the video file completely.

Apart from this, even if there is a free video repair app then, a small check on the pros and cons of the 5 must-read tips on “free and paid” video repair apps. So, go ahead and read on.

Free Video repair app. Pros

  • It’s free of charge- how can anyone complain about that.
  • It’s a very cheap and convenient way to pick out the specific product to help you with your video file repair.

Free Video repair app. Cons

  • It has a low success rate of file repair.
  • It might not always be compatible with the latest operating system.
  • Free video repair app. does not come with money back guarantee.
  • There is no tech support available
  •  Sometimes, it does not work for some users.

Paid Video repair app. Pros

  • Easy yet powerful features with a higher success rate of file repair.
  • Compatible with the latest operating systems.
  • Some support preview.
  • Tech support is available.
  • Most of them come with a money back guarantee.

Paid Video repair app. Cons

  • It takes a little time, as you have to first try out the demo version, so you can make the right decision for the type of file you have.

Unfortunately, there are not many cons to the ‘paid video repair app. Cons’. The list of ‘Pros’ on this is more than, 5. But, I am confident you get the point. So if you are looking for a video repair app. It is always better to go with a- Paid Video repair app.

Now, there are many types of video repair apps. for different files like, for avi., mov., mp4., mpg., etc. One of the most commonly used Video file is mp4. Statistics have shown that, as this is the most used video file, it is very likely that it can get corrupted or damaged. Whenever, that happens you can click on, Solution to repair mp4 corrupted videos. Here, you will find a quick way to fix your corrupted/ damaged mp4 video file.

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