Are you Spoiling your Video file with these 5 editing mistakes?

Your video editing faux pas spoiling your videos? If yes, then here are some basic video editing mistakes that you can avoid.

Videography and Photography go through its own share of evolution. With this evolution, every person involved in the field of photography and videography has to adapt to the new technology whether it’s the camera, the lighting, photoshop or editing. We struggle with the editing process when we are not satisfied with the finished product. This makes us realize that somewhere either, we have made a mistake or something has gone wrong without our knowledge. Since every day there is some new form of evolved technology that comes around. There arises, a need for precaution with the editing process. It is quite common with family members complaining. Especially, on their best wedding portions not being edited well, fun family gatherings not translating well in the final video. Do we want to be known for storing up mediocre videos?

If you want your best memories to be showcased as a dream sans the blurs and interruptions,  for yourself or for others then, you want to take a read of this article, as it will give you a better knowledge about the 5 editing mistakes that are spoiling your video file.

  1. Saving and Labeling:

Every editor at some point of time has seen the error message ‘Video not Found’ . This is because of poor saving and labeling practices. It is crucial when you start a project to plan out your beginning, middle and end and keep all your components in one folder. Make sure that folder is on a drive with enough room to handle all of your capturing, renders and exports. Whenever, you capture, export or save, make sure to be diligent about checking where your program wants to save it. Many times you may think it’s going to the right place, but programs like Final Cut may actually default to a Render Scratch folder that can make things very confusing. While in this process, if you end up with a corrupted file then you can read the article on Steps of repairing corrupted QuickTime file.

  1. Jump Cuts and Match Frames:

A jump cut occurs when a shot is edited so that a portion is edited and the video is squashed together, causing the person or the objects on the screen to ‘jump’ into a different position, popping across the screen in an unnatural manner. A match cut occurs when two shots are similar in a composition are cut back to back.

Jump cuts and Match frames are easily remedied by inserting a cutaway or B-roll shot to separate them. If you do need to cut between two shots of the same person. Then, compose the shots differently from another either in subject size, camera height or camera angle. Always make sure the shots are framed differently.

  1. Graphic Violations:

There are enough and more graphic related errors. These include using multiple fonts in a single graphic, hard- to- read colors, low contrast of texts and background, obnoxiously large drop shadows, shadows that fall in multiple directions, texts that are too small, too large or too swirly to read.

Remember, not all motion graphics are created to be equal. So, as an editor, you should look to take the advantage of the many customizable stock motion graphics that are available.

  1. High-res, Low speed:

The technical aspects of the video continuously change. New cameras and a new technology give way for new video formats which provide the editor with higher resolution imagery. The problem exists when you don’t change your workflow or equipment to accommodate footage with a higher bitrate or larger file size. As a result, you will waste a lot of time in the edit bay while, waiting for the computer to process and render the content you are working on. A simple solution is to edit with lower res proxies in order to maximize the processing power of the computer. It speeds up the editing process and allows you to get more done in a shorter window of time.

5. Incomplete transitions:

These occur when a transition effect extends longer than the duration of the outbound video clip. The sensation it creates is a partial dissolve that ends abruptly with a jarring ‘pop’ to the next shot. The simple solution is to either extend the outbound shot or to shorten the transition.

These are the 5 editing mistakes that you can avert in your next project. Remember, these are common mistakes, when overlooked can spoil your video file. Each of these points is simple but important and definitely avoidable.

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