5 Ways to Recover Images from SD Card

Finding yourself in a state of panic on recovering lost or damaged images on the SD card? Well don’t be – this does happen and is recoverable. After all, we love taking pictures whether, they are of family, friends, nature or food. Every person is fond of his/her own collection of photos and why shouldn’t they be? After all, they hold a very special place in our memories. The question that arises here is, where do we store all these pictures? The answer is simple SD card. We all turn to SD cards for storing all our precious memories.

Also, the latest digital device models, storage models are getting extended. This is because of unlimited download of images from internet and video recording storage all the time. Thus, SD cards have become the most convenient mode of portable data storage device. But, what happens when you encounter inaccessibility of data? Occasionally, you come across instances, when the SD card gets corrupt, damaged or formatted – all the photos, videos, and other files simply disappear.

It’s ok if something like this happens. Continue reading this article as there are 5 ways you can recover images from an SD card.

First of all, let’s begin with the symptoms of a corrupt SD card.

Symptoms of Corrupt SD Card:

1. Most photos on your SD card are missing.

2. You can see the contents on your SD card in your camera and on your system. But, you are unable to copy these contents and get an error message that disk is ‘write protected’.

3. You are getting error messages saying that ‘memory card error’ or ‘corrupt memory card’ while, trying to access your photos, videos stored on the card.

4. Your SD card is recognized by your PC but you are unable to see any stored photos or videos. It shows the message ‘SD card not formatted do you want to format it’.

5. When you try to read the SD card through a system – no folder seems to appear or all the folders do not appear and show error messages. The ‘Read / Write error on SD card’ indicates it cannot read the device.

5 Ways to Recover Images/Data from SD Card:

Whenever, you see any one of the above-mentioned symptoms, make sure to handle the SD card and what you do with it in trying to fix the problem correctly. Any carelessness in doing so can result in a permanent data loss situation – causing difficulty in SD card recovery.

1. At times, some of the devices may not read an SD card so, try and connect your SD card to another device.

2. Connect your SD card to a reader which is connected to a system. If your system does not assign a new drive letter to it then, it is not reading it. In some cases, the reader might be assigned a drive letter, but still, you get the message, “please insert the system into drive E:”. This shows that it is not reading the card. Therefore, assign a new drive letter to this connected card through your operating system settings.

3. If you can read all your files but cannot save them then, your card might be in write protected mode. Unlock the switch to save or modify the files on the card. If still, you are unable to read/write then, possibly your files are lost or have become inaccessible. To fix it, you need to use a disk diagnostic tool that can work on memory cards as well. Even though you can get access to your memory card by reformatting it, it will remove everything on it. So, make sure to recover and copy all the files to another drive before formatting the SD card.

4. If none of the files can be read then, possibly the directory will list the filenames but the files cannot be accessed. You can right-click on the drive letter and select ‘properties’. If you can view the used space on the card and if it shows all or almost all free space. There is a good chance either, all the files are deleted or the directory has been erased. In this case, you can use a recovery software that will be useful in the recovery of deleted photos from SD cards.

5. You can try to reinstall the drive. Follow these simple instructions on how to go about it. First of all, right click on, this PC/ My computer – click on the option Manage. Then, click on Device Manager option on the left side – double click, disk drives option from the list. Now, right click on the name of your removable drive – click on, Uninstall and click Ok. Disconnect your storage media and restart your PC. Finally, reconnect your SD card again. Your PC will detect it.

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