7 Computer Tricks You Probably Don't Know

A Shortcut makes your computer usage a lot more convenient and indeed a lot of fun. I always had this fascination towards using shortcut keys, computer tricks, and it makes working on computer lot easier. Every now and then we look for less known computer tricks or a shortcut to avoid the lengthy use of the mouse to keep our flow. This helps a lot in saving our time which drives us more towards always wanting to learn or enjoying some new tricks on your computer.

A number of computer tricks are known and practiced very frequently by a majority of computer users. the use of shortcut tricks always varies with the nature of task you are performing on the computer. But there are so many tricks that computer user community has less heard about. These shortcuts are used very rarely or negligibly by the computer users.

Let’s talk about the computer tricks “less spoken” about. Here are seven of such computer tricks that are not known commonly.

Excel – Repeat Last Command

The first trick is very less known but is interesting and time-saving for all. While using excel, if you want to repeat the last command press F4. This is one of the most useful tricks for anyone using Excel. With the press of a button, you can repeat the last executed task. Just move to the next cell if it's highlighted, press F4 it will repeat the last command.

If you have changed the text color to Blue, click on the desired cell and as soon as it gets highlighted, press F4 to see the text color changed to blue.

Drag-Drop Copy

This is also a very handy trick to remember and make good use of your time. It’s the drag-drop copy of any object on the computer. Just by dragging and dropping an icon will make a copy of that file.

In order to do this

Go to your computer's desktop –

If you are using Mac hold the ‘Alt’ key and drag-drop the file.

For Windows hold the ‘Control’ key drag and drop the file.

Zoom Reset in Browsers

If you are working on a browser and the content in the browser is zoomed in or out. You can reset the zoom with just a click using this trick. It’s a common occurrence while using a computer browser.

For Windows –

Press Control and + for zoom in

Control and – for zoom out

Control and 0 for reset zoom

For Mac-

Command and + for zoom in

Command and – for zoom out

Command and 0 for default zoom

Clear Cache in a Hit

The issue with cache is a small one, but effects are a high level of performance decrease in your system. And you don’t want that, nobody likes to work on a slow computer. Deleting cache files is one of the major issues that we generally miss.

What if I tell you a trick to clear the cache in just a hit? Yes, you just have to hit a few buttons.

Hit Control + Shift + R to Clear your cache quickly and refresh the page.

Go to Last Opened Tab

At times you find it difficult to reopen a page that you just visited, after closing it. Many times it happens accidentally, sometimes we want to visit the specific page.

If you feel so, don’t dig through the history of your browser

Press: Control + Shift + T on Windows

On Mac Press: Command + Shift + T

This shortcut will open the last closed window for you.

Scroll Background Window

Without closing the popped up window in your screen, you can scroll through the content of the background web page. This is possible only on Windows machine but is very useful when you are in a hurry and want to avoid useless clicking through websites.

You can scroll through the background content using a simple setting on Windows.

Go to Settings > Devices > Mouse and Touchpad

Look for ‘Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them’ Option and turn it on.

This setting will allow you to hover over the background pages and scroll through the contents.

Timed Screenshots

You can take a regular and timely screenshot in your system while working on anything important. Unfortunately, this is also only available for Windows users with Windows 10.

To take a delayed screenshot of your work on Windows, it has provided you with Snipping tool.

Go to search bar and type Snipping tool – you can also get this tool from desktop apps.

Click ‘Delay’ and set the time in seconds.

Start taking continuous screen shots.

At last, I would suggest you try and learn as much as computer tricks as possible. This will make your life easier and give you a better hand on your work. While using shortcuts, make sure to hit the right buttons as a mistake can result in deletion of a file. You don’t want to waste time on recovering of files from PC. So it is recommended to use the keys to pace up your work, but with a little bit of precision.

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