7 must have utilities for your Windows PCs

These 7 essential programs will make your Windows PC better-and your computing life a whole lot easier!

Newly installed Windows or years old Windows system, all needs a way to organize and secure the vital data. I believe most of you wouldn't like clutter or anything that slows down your experience with Windows systems. If you are one among them, then just go-ahead and read this blog. You will find out the ways for proper data and memory management.

Here we make list of some top 7 quality utilities which you must install on your Windows computers. They become necessary for your computer system when you would lose your precious data, wish to mend your favorite movies or vital Word document, and to perform system configuration or system optimization on your computer. These tools will help you whenever you want to perform any special task on your computer. Just have a look at the brief note on these amazing yet must have utilities:

Data recovery Application

When speaking about data, the word recovery goes in parallel with it! This is because; nowadays data loss has become a common situation among the PC users. It can be either due to your urgency or ignorance and sometimes even becomes unpredictable. Whatever it is, lost data will always be precious and has to be rescued as soon as possible. There you need the best data recovery app. Remo Recover Windows utility is the perfect tool that can easily retrieve back all your vital data whether it is your images, music files, Word documents or Excel spreadsheets etc. this utility is known for its versatility in support for file types, storage devices etc. and its excellent GUI that ensures comfortable and smooth recovery process.

ZIP Repair utility

Compressed files tend to get damaged easily. Improper compression, using unreliable tool for compressing or application crash all leads to the corrupt ZIP file. Nevertheless, you cannot even step back from compressing since it provides huge benefits in managing the memory utilization. But, in case if these ZIP files get corrupt, what can be done? It’s not the matter of one file, its numerous files archived in this corrupt ZIP file that you lose. That’s when Remo Repair ZIP comes in handy. This non-destructive tool can easily fix the Zip file and extract all the files contained in it with in few minutes.

Word Repair utility

As all know, Word files are the most widely used document processor. It plays a vital role in text editing and knowledge sharing. Just imagine wherein your entire week of project report needed urgently gets corrupt due to unknown reasons. It is such an unbearable situation isn't it? Unfortunately, it’s the common situation that many Word users might have faced. Now, here is good news for all those who suffered such instances!!! Remo Repair Word is a special utility that can fix your severely corrupt Word document with just few mouse clicks. Whatsoever might be the reason for the corruption; the tool can stand out of all these and repair your document without any difficulties.

MOV Repair software

It’s all about videos and movies! Most of us are fond of recording videos of every single moment of your happiest situations. It makes you feel good even when you are depressed. But, not all situations would favor you!! One day a disaster might strike and a single click on your mouse while watching your favorite movie or on your Digi-cam while recording would make your MOV files unplayable. Don’t get worried, just wait! With Remo Repair MOV, all your worries will be gone as this tool can fix your damaged MOV file easily. It is a read-only tool and just extracts the contents for repair, but never harms your source file.

Fix PSD tool

Think of a situation, wherein you are editing your favorite picture of your wedding and suddenly the Adobe Photoshop crashes!! Terrible situation, right? But for many, it’s a common issue as they encounter it very often. However, now there is no need to grumble around these corrupt PSD files. Remo Repair PSD is an ultimate tool when it comes to fix the PSD files. It repairs your damaged images from your Photoshop layer-by-layer individually and then carefully adjoins them. This eliminates the chances of losing accuracy.

Driver up gradation utility

At times, as years roll on, your device drivers start throwing error messages and become inaccessible. In addition, your PC performance degrades day-by-day and becomes slow. It’s just because your device drivers are out-of-date / missing / corrupt. But how to identify these drivers and fix them?

Remo Driver Discover is the only-solution for all these driver related problems. The utility scans the entire PC, locates all drivers and identifies the outdated / corrupt drivers. It even provides a single interface to download and update / fix each of the drivers on your system. It offers free PC scan, free backup and restore options and even automatic backup option with its in-built scheduler. Not just one or two, numerous drivers, various brands and many issues all can be solved with just this single tool.

Defragmentation tool

As and when your PC becomes older, more and more data will be stored. This leads to decreased PC performance and would demand several minutes to respond to a single click. All these are due to fragmented memory. However, in order to overcome these situations, one needs to defragment the storage device. The perfect utility for defragmenting the disk is Remo Drive Defrag. The utility defrags your entire drive effortlessly and frees up all the unused disk space. The entire process would just consume several minutes and your disk will be defragmented. This increases your PC speed and boosts the performance.

With these above listed tools your data will always be safe and intact. Moreover, storage space optimization and driver management helps you in up-keeping your Windows PCs. So, why waste time, hurry up and get the utilities before being late…

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