7 Signs It’s Time to Get a New Computer for You

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It's hard to let go off your favorite things. Be it your old pair of jeans, a stuffed toy you still cuddle with or your favorite comic book. As they say "all good things come to an end", it is also the same with your computer. It's absolutely OK to hold on to your past for sentimental values but not with your computer. As time goes by, you need to change your computer as well. There are several signs which indicate that it's time to change your computer.

Your computer suddenly starts making a weird sound, you'll see colorful dots when you play a video, your computer throws Blue Screen of Death error frequently, etc. are some of the visible signs that tell you to buy a new computer. There is no fixed time to say that your computer is old, it all depends on how you use it and how much you paid to buy the device. Just pay attention to the below-mentioned signs to get a new computer for you.

Your Computer Takes Too Much Time to Boot

It doesn't take more than six seconds for a well-functioning computer to boot. You've hit the gym, finished your morning chores and your computer is still booting, then it's a clear sign for you buy a new computer. There could be a number of reasons for your computer to slow down, one such major reason can be that your computer is running low on memory. You can buy a RAM, but the motherboard doesn't support unlimited RAM. If your computer requires huge RAM to run programs, it might be time for you to buy a new computer.

Your Computer Makes Weird Sounds

It is normal if a computer makes noise from a hard drive, a fan or CD/DVD drive. If you hear some odd noises like scrapping or clicking which you never heard coming out from your computer before, it could be because your hard drive is dying. You should first back up your PC and then based on your needs or on the age of the computer, decide whether you want to replace the hard drive or your computer.

Your Computer Does Not Support Latest Software

If your software does not support heavy graphic games, latest office applications or movies, you may want to upgrade your computer to latest version. But when you try to install the latest version of the software, your computer will not support. Eventually, you'll be stuck with your old computer.

Upgrading Costs More Than Buying a New Computer

If you are planning to upgrade your computer with newer parts to increase its productivity and is costing you more than a new computer, then might want to consider buying a new computer. It makes sense in investing in a new computer than spending more money on a computer that has limited capabilities to keep up with the latest technology.

Your Computer Is Running Out of Space

If your computer cannot hold any newer documents, images, videos and programs, it's a clear indication that your hard drive is running out of space.  Moving data all the time to an external drive doesn't serve the purpose. You will benefit by buying a new computer.

Your Computer Heats Up

When you are working on your computer, it produces little heat which is normal. If your computer becomes hot in few minutes of booting so much so that you can boil an egg, it's a sign for you to replace your computer. You never know which part of your computer dies soon, so take a backup and buy a new computer.

Your Computer Is Connected to Internet Through Cable

You are in 2016 and everything connects through wireless. If your computer is not on Wi-Fi and still using a cable to connect to the internet, you are living in a stone age! Get yourself a new computer that keeps with changing time and modern technology.

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