7 Simple Edits That Will Make Your Movie Even More Awesome

Editing video is a part of post-production process that makes your video and everyone’s efforts presentable. Editing a video involves a significant effort from the editor to keep all the pieces of a story intact. It also carries many aspects of cinematography and direction for a good editing. So how can we create a good movie out of the lengthy video files available? We will go through some useful movie editing tips to help you perform amazing editing.

Editing is one of the most crucial parts of creating a good video. Every movie that is shot has to go through a rigorous editing. It gives a final shape to the created video and makes it presentable.

Here are some movie editing tips for editors to make the video look awesome. Most of the editing part involves keeping a peer of everything from storyline to actors’ features. To make a good edit, you need to emphasize on some aspects of an editing process.

1. Make a Choice of your tool

To make a good edit, you have to choose a tool that is accurate for your purpose. There is a number of interactive and very nice software for movie editing. You have to make a choice that is most compatible for your present work. It should have all the features to serve your task.

If you want to make a light editing like cropping and joining a few clips, adding some titles and synchronizing voices. You can use small software that is light and fast. It will save you from an extensive handling of a huge tool and also the complexity of editing.

If you intend to make some high level and complex editing, you will need a heavier and high-end tool. Make your editing choice as per your necessity. On the other hand, there are several editors who go for a conventional video editing tool just because they are comfortable with it.

You can also follow this comfort level, but it may not be recommended as interaction with more tools will give you a better exposure. Using different tool will allow you to create a good movie.

2. Take care of the sound

Including a sound in the video gives it life. You can always record sound with the same device that is used to shoot the video. But I would never recommend adding the same sound to the final video. You can record sound on any device and add it to the actual video later. The reason being, quality of sound. Any device that records sound can do it better than a camera. And a bad sound quality will be a negative point for your movie.

If you are an editor, try to communicate with the production team and make this request. If there is a live event/ play etc. try to persuade the recording team to include a separate recording setup to maintain the sound quality.

3. Use Creative Variations in Shots

Some videos get boring due to the same angle shot for too long. This projects a quite bad impression on the final video. If you have same shots from various angles, use your creativity to allow different angle in the movie. Do not use the same angle in the entire video or for too long.

At the same time avoid dragnet edits. This refers to editing in straight cuts between scenes. Try to synchronize the lines and videos in a way that they look natural. Straight cuts give an artificial impression of the act. Try to use split edits where cuts are made to look more natural.

Dragnet was a television series that used this technique to cut dialogue scenes. It allows audio and video edits in straight cuts. Every cut is followed by respective lines from the actors. This technique was quoted as Dragnet editing.

4. Take digital assistance

There are a number of non-linear editing systems or NLEs available that help you perform an extensive finishing. They can help you enhance your video and use your creativity in a way better manner. With these modern NLEs, you can create extensive zoom and a wide angle with the same piece of shot.

There are many other techniques which can be implemented like split screen. Some technique when you want to manipulate one element of the screen. This is generally required when you want to edit a specific portion of the frame which doesn’t fit. Or the motion of some elements seems unfair to the video.

5. Keep the Long Clips

It is always a good idea to keep the long clips after using the parts. Use specific names and collect the long clips with the cuts that you are using for the final video.  This can be the last of movie editing tips or can be the first thing to keep in mind. But it carries importance if you want to make use of all the recorded information.

The reason of keeping the clips is very basic. It will always provide you with various options to optimize your final video. Be it some filler between cuts or any sound that you may want to use in the final cut. There is a huge stack of information and useful content in the trimmed files. Order them in an adequate manner and you may make use of them for making a better movie.

6. Channelize moving camera

Generally, there are moving camera shots that are shot for too long. Some scenes like action sequences and dramatic extensions are kept intact by many editors. Try to make the log camera movement shorter and utilize other movements. Avoid making the log cuts too long from one shot. Moving camera shots are generally shot using rails or even handling the camera with hands. Such shots are interesting to keep for a longer time, but try to utilize it with other moving shots. It shows the creativity of filmmaking and such editing will attract viewer more.

A proper channelization of moving camera makes the movie more interesting. And the viewers won’t feel bored for too long a moving shot.

7. Emphasis on Expressions

While editing a movie, try to emphasize on the expressions of the actors or the prime element of the video. Many scenes have a specific element to emphasize upon, you have to make a choice out of several things. Suppose during a stage play, an actor’s face is one of the prime points of emphasis. You have to make a decision on the basis of his facial expressions if you continue showing his face or to cut during the dialogues and focus other things too.

This will show the creative part of you and help you to create a better movie. There are a number of other tricks and movie editing tips, but the above enlisted are preliminary points to care about. Every editor has a certain style of editing and creating a movie out of the huge pile of files provided to him. These editing tips will help you create a better movie.

Finally, Converting videos to various formats like MOV, Avi, MPEG etc. and allow them to play in various platforms like VLC player, QuickTime player etc. A good converting tool will help you create a healthy video file otherwise, it can face damage and become unresponsive. Know what you need to do to play unplayable QuickTime files. There are several good quality converting tools to maintain the quality of your movie and make it playable in various platforms at the same time.

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