8 Mac Apps Every Mac User Should Own

Acquiring a Mac Book is like getting a ticket to a land of fantastic new software. In Addition to all the free apps that apple gives to every Mac user, The App store is filled with Mac games and apps both free and paid that can transform the way you use and enjoy your machine.

Just got your hands on a new Mac?

Check out these apps to give your Mac a new life...from useful apps that remember your passwords to photo editing apps, we have got your every need covered.


You surely need a password manager on your Mac. Gone are the days of remembering all your passwords or using one password for everything. It’s simply not safe to put your financial and personal security at risk by doing these things. Luckily apps like one password help you store all your hard to remember passwords in one place.

1password rules them all…

Well using this app tends to be quite simple you just need to remember only one master password to unlock your vault, and inside the vault you can save passwords for sites, credit card pins, passport, pan numbers and so on…

Add a simple extension to safari and you can auto fill those passwords right into your web browser when you come across an appropriate site.

Doesn’t that sound great!!


Sooner or later if you are planning to backup your files, share as well as collaborate them with friends, and access files and folders across all your devices then drop box is a must have app for you. Setting up a drop box account is an easy task to do once you install the app and sign up for its service it automatically creates a drop box folder for your files. Anything you drag into there will be synchronized with the cloud While working on a file inside drop box it has the ability to save the changes automatically. The advantage of this app is you get 2 GB of cloud storage free and you can further upgrade your space to 1 TB for $10/month.


Fantastical 2 is the calendar app your Mac has been waiting for.

This app pretty much has everything you’d ever want in a high powered calendar client. In this app, you don’t choose specific days and times to set appointments. Instead, you just type a sentence in plain English and the program automatically figures out what you're trying to schedule. Fantastical can work with Calendar, iCal, Busy Cal, Entourage or Outlook. Whereas Fantastical 2's functionality somewhat overlaps with that of Clear.


Google chromes remote desktop is one of the easiest tools for accessing your computer from afar.

For example, imagine you're at the office and need to do something on your home desktop. Assuming it's on then Chrome Remote Desktop. It makes quick and easy to interact with your remote system as if you were sitting right in front of it. The advantage of this app is that you don't have to memorize your home system's IP address; a simple PIN authentication is all you need to gain access to your remote system’s desktop.


Undisputedly, Evernote is the ultimate king of note taking apps. There are enough number of good reasons. A couple of which includes its simplicity and highly organized ability to sync with just any web service imaginable. As the ever note is one of the most popular apps in existence, there are veritable loads of browser extensions available for it.


At times, downloaded applications dump stuff all over your hard drive and the standard routine of deleting the apps from finder doesn't seem to get rid of all the extra stuff that came along with them. Installing app cleaner will help you to find these extra bits of data and it will delete them for you.

When you’re uninstalling an application, just pull up the AppCleaner first, and then drag the application you want to remove the AppCleaner window, it's as easy as that. AppCleaner finds all its related files, and you will be prompted to delete them when it's done the searching.


Alfred is one of the best app launchers in Mac, though LaunchBar was the first app launcher in Mac and still can be the best alternative of Alfred.  What makes Alfred the best app launcher is – ease of using. With few clicks, you’ll be set up and ready to go.  The built-in tools make it easy to search through contacts, system commands, iTunes, Emails and more. You can also do pretty much everything that you can do in other apps. You can perform Calculator Functions and can search Dictionary definitions. But the strongest part of Alfred is its Workflow. It allows you to instantly trigger a series of Scripts, open files in specific apps, organize folders and more. Downloading Workflows are pretty easy as you can download other people’s.


aText is a text Expander, it can save hours each day. Every day, most of us type the same text over and over again, consuming lot of our time. What if your computer does this work for you? aText is designed to serve this purpose. It monitors your typing habit and sets some rules whenever you type an abbreviation or key combinations.  Next time when you type those phrases, it removes the shorter versions and replaces with the entire phrase.

For example, you can set a rule like whenever you type sign, aText will expand it for you and fills in with your entire email signature line.


There are endless numbers of apps for Mac users that can make the Mac OS experience much more fun. But then these 6apps have been carefully picked out, as they are basic and important functionalities of the Mac OS. On several instances when you format your computer and later on realize there were some important documents wiped out of your hard disk. In such case read here to know how to recover formatted files from iMac A1058, A1224, a1311 quickly.

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