How Do You Access Files from Dropbox?

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How often do we think, if we will be able to access our files easily from Dropbox? Whether or not our files will be safe and if this backup is good enough. Well, it’s quite normal to have these doubts. Since most of the things we have stored in our computers is important. The files, presentations, pictures videos, etc, each of these have their place and importance in our lives. With have to store all these things on our desktops and want the convenience of accessing them from anywhere. Most of us have started to look around at the options that are out there. A good number of the population opt for the Dropbox Desktop Application, because of the features and options it has. It certainly seems like a good option.

Basic Knowledge on Dropbox:

Dropbox app does seem convenient as it runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It gives you access to your Dropbox directly through a folder on your hard drive. It is home for all your photos, videos, documents etc. Using Dropbox on your computer is like using any other folder on your hard drive. The only exception to this is the files you drag into your Dropbox folder automatically sync online. It gets linked to your account so, you can access them from any other computer or mobile device. This app runs in the background and automatically keeps your files in sync and backed up online. This basically means you won’t have to manually upload or download files in your Dropbox folder. Hence, you can easily recover data that are lost due to power failure, system crash or any other reasons.

Now you know all that you can store on Dropbox. The main question is how do you access your files from Dropbox? The answer is simple and easy to do. Read on to know more…

To be able to access your files from Dropbox, you will need an account in Dropbox Desktop app or the Dropbox mobile app. If you don’t have an account then, you will have to create one on the website.

Once, you’ve opened an account you can start transferring your files into your Dropbox account. To do this;

  1. Open the File Transfer Screen: Tap on the ‘File Transfer Button’ in the file section to open the File Transfer screen.
  2. Add a Dropbox Connection: Tap on the +button (1) and choose Dropbox connection (2) to add a new Dropbox connection.
  3. Configure the Connection: You can add a custom title that will appear in the connection list (especially useful if you want to connect to several different Dropbox accounts). Tap on the Link Account.
  4. Enter Dropbox Credentials: If you have the Dropbox installed, it will open and allow you to link your Dropbox account to this connection. If you don’t have the Dropbox installed, enter the email and password for your Dropbox account and tap on the Sign in button (3) to link your Dropbox account to this connection.
  5. Finish Configuration: The Dropbox connection is now linked to your Dropbox account. Tap on the Done button.
  6. Connect: You can tap on the newly created connection to connect to your Dropbox account.

Bonus Tip: Sometimes you might have unknowingly deleted the files from Dropbox and could be finding difficulties restoring them. Here is a complete guide that helps you recover deleted files from Dropbox.

If you only want a few selected files to be synced on your computer then, you can opt for the feature Selective Sync in your Dropbox.

You can transfer files in your Dropbox to your new computer using the desktop app and one of these methods:

  • Link the computer to your account in your desktop app and let your files download automatically.
  • Copy your files manually from a portable storage device (such as a USB or an external hard drive) to the Dropbox folder on the new computer. The application will index the files and see that they are the same files in your account.

Once, all your files, photos, and videos, documents etc, have all been transferred to your Dropbox account. You can access them anytime and anywhere you want including when you are offline. If you have lost any Dropbox files either on the computer or on the cloud, you can utilize a trusted data recovery tool. This way, you can recover lost data that was previously saved on your computer.

Sometimes,  your files can go missing while you are moving your files or sharing them there is a possibility.  Basically, to say there are a number of reasons and possible causes for missing and corrupted files. In such a case, use data recovery software that helps in recovering deleted files while moving.

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