How to Add or Remove Digital Signature in MS Office Files?

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Ever since I was little, I had a habit of practicing my signature on the last page of my notebook, perfecting every line and curve believing that one day, I may have to sign tons of letters. However, the internet happened and now everything is digitized. Your calls, emails, schedules, and everything else can be found on my screen. To complete the set, I recently added my digital signature as well, and now you can too! If you wish to learn how to add a digital signature, read the article below!

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Microsoft Office is one of the most used office tools in the world. There are many applications in Microsoft Office that are frequently used in offices and domestic computers. The most used applications are Microsoft Word and Excel. It is used very frequently for document creation, editing, and publishing. A digital signature in MS Office can change the overall value of your document.

Why Should I Add a Digital Signature?

Adding a signature helps to make the document authentic and official. It also helps avoid repudiation of the document and signifies the involvement of the undersigned. This is one of the most interesting features of MS Office.

I will take you through the procedure involved in the creation of digital signatures in your documents Excel sheets.

How to Initiate a Signature Line?

In order to add a digital signature, you need to have an open document file of an Excel sheet where you want to insert your digital signature. Follow the instructions given below:

1. Place the pointer on your document or Excel sheet where you want to create a digital signature.

2. Go to Insert tab > Text Group > Click Signature Line list > Click Microsoft Office Signature line – It opens up a signature setup tab.


3. Add relevant information in the Signature Setup dialog box. These are the relevant details to be filled in the dialog box.


4. Check either of the checkboxes, you can select both of them

Allow the signer to add comments in the sign dialog box.

Show the Sign date in the signature line.

If the document is not signed, it will show a signature line message box. Go to view signature and sign the document.

How to Add a Signature?

While adding a signature in the signature line, it gives you a visible representation of your authentic signature.

1. Right-click the signature line in the file.

2. Select Sign from the menu – you can add your signature in the following ways


If you want to add a printed sign of yours – Simply Type your name near the ‘X’ symbol.

If you have an image of your signature – Go to the Select Signature Image tab and Click “Select Image”, you can add it by browsing through your computer.

If you have a tablet PC or a graphics tablet, you can also add a handwritten signature – Sign next to ‘X’ in the signature line.

How to Remove a Signature?

1. Open MS Word or MS Excel with a digital signature.

2. Right-click on the signature line.

3. Click Remove Signature.

4. Click Yes.

Your digital signature has been removed from the document. If the file doesn’t respond to removing the signature line, ensure it is not corrupted. If so, you should repair the file to make it readable again. You might have to make use of some utility for corrupted file recovery.

Adding a digital signature to some of the documents that matter to you can be a very good idea. It helps to protect your document’s authenticity. you can even add an image to your Outlook signature if you choose to.

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