Make your Outlook Messages Look Colorful by Adding Background Images

Ever wondered your emails look so plain and simple when you send them from Outlook. If you feel like you can add something more than the blank white background in your emails, you should do it. It is possible with MS Outlook to define a background for the emails that you send from Outlook. Now you can make your Messages look beautiful and creative by adding background images to Outlook.

The type of backgrounds varies from person to person and for every message. However, the foremost issue while choosing a background should be the recipient of that email. The background of your messages does not need to be plain or white completely. I will explain to you how to change the background of your messages in Outlook.

Insert Background Image in Messages

Here are a few simple steps you should follow to make your Outlook background colorful:

If you are composing a new message in outlook, you can add it meanwhile, before sending it to the recipient. Read these steps and change the background:

1 – Compose a message with HTML formatting

2 – Place the cursor in the message

3 – Go to the Options ribbon to expand it.

4 – Click on Theme and then Page color

5 – Go to Fill effects

6 – Go to Picture

7 – Click on Select Pictures

8 – Go to the image and click on it.

9 – Click on Insert and then OK.

This will display the image that you have selected on the background of your email.

Add Background to Outlook 2000, 2002 and Outlook 2003

The method to add images in the background using Outlook 2000, 2002 and 2003, is a little different from the above-mentioned steps. if you are using Outlook 2000 or any version of the above-mentioned outlook, see these steps to change the background image to your computer.

1 – Compose a new mail on your Outlook

2 – Click on the message text

3 – Go to menu and click Format

4 – Go to Background > Pictures

5 – Go to selection dialog box and select the image

6 – Click Ok

You can make required settings to the image on the background of your messages. Perform the settings and make the background of your message look colorful.

Add Photos to Message Background on Mac

if you are a Mac user, you might find it interesting to use Outlook. It is possible to add an image to outlook message background on Mac. You can do it with a few simple steps:

1 – Use the email in rich HTML format

2 – Expand the Options ribbon on the top of interface

3 – Click on Background pictures

4 – Go to the image and select it for background

5 – Click Open

This will set the background of your message with the selected image. This is a very nice gesture from your end to add images to your message. A background image that resembles the message text is an added advantage.

While using Outlook, you might get a slow response at times. This occurs due to the oversized PST files on your outlook. This PST file is associated with your Outlook and has all the information regarding your emails. A corruption or malfunction of Outlook PST file can be annoying and tragic at times. A user must always be prepared to know how do I repair PST file errors in Outlook 2010, 2000, 2003 etc.

If used with a little care, you can make your Outlook work very fine and also make it interesting. There are a number of add-ins and improvisations in Outlook that can make your work fun.

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