New Features in Adobe InDesign CC 2017

The new update in Adobe InDesign came with quite a nice work of product development. With many interesting new features in Adobe InDesign cc2017 and some good fixes. The update is one of the most preferred for you to use for many purposes. There are a lot of enhancements like the footers and span column features. It seems that Adobe has taken care of its entire user-base while working on it.

Adobe InDesign is one of the most interesting applications developed by Adobe systems. It is developed around a decade and a half ago for desktop publishing. It has served to a huge number of people who work in various domains. The most use this software finds is in book publishing, poster creation, flyers and newspaper publishing industry.

The latest version of Adobe InDesign was released to public 2 months ago. From its previous version which was released in 2016, but was named Adobe InDesign cc 2015.  The latest version of this software was released on November 2nd, 2016. Take a view of the latest features of Adobe InDesign cc2017 and its new features.

The Hyperlink Bugs

In the previous versions of this tool, it was basically concerned with the print design. The later developments involved the inclusion of hyperlinks. This is generally done with the insight of better interaction across various platforms.

Earlier when you needed to add hyperlinks, you would have needed other tools like Acrobat or HTML linking. With this hyperlinking feature, the compatibility of this tool has greatly enhanced.

The latest version of this software has this feature too. However, in the previous versions, hyperlinking used to cause trouble. This was in the form of making the overall functionality slow. Some of the tweaking and fixing for this new version is certainly been done. The new version has all the hyperlinking feature and it doesn’t hamper the workflow now.

Ordinal Numbers & Ligature Text

The generalized term for ordinal numbers is ordinals. The numbers like 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. comprise ordinal numbers. These ordinal numbers have their use during designing in InDesign cc2017. So while you create flyers, posters etc. and want to make use of the Ordinal numbers in your text. The new update will provide you with applying the ordinal property in your text.

When you want to add an ordinal number in your text, the new InDesign CC2017 gives us an option to use ordinal property. The tool also provides easy input of fractional numbers too.

Ligatures are concatenated texts or letters that are used in the design. Some of the very important parts of designing comprise of the ligature texts. The ligature text is like a ligament between two letters. The designers generate texts or letters to be joined, this is known as a ligature.

InDesign Footnotes

The previous versions of this tool had footnote features that extend along the width of the column. This was a problem since the footnotes were confined to the column. The new update in Adobe InDesign allows the user to create the footnotes that can run across the page width. This allows us to create a footnote across many columns.

Previously, there was a default setting for creating the footnote in the design page. For every page, the footnotes were confined to the width of a single column. The new version has a default option that creates footnotes across the width of the designed page.

To use this function;

Go to the documents footnotes menu

Check the ‘Span Footnotes across columns’ check box.

Control Panel

The new Adobe InDesign cc2017 has some great features, one of them is the control panel feature. This feature allows you to customize the control panel directly from the interface. The control panel appears on top of the tool interface. The topmost bar is called the menu bar of InDesign and just below it, is the control panel.

This new feature has eliminated the efforts of going to the settings in InDesign and making a change. With this new function, you can directly change the settings. Now the control panel is easily accessible. You can use it directly from the interface of the tool.

Apart from this the files that you create, you can convert these files to use them in older versions of InDesign. Most of the times during converting or transferring InDesign files, you might encounter the loss of files. In such case, you must be aware of the method to recover lost InDesign files for avoiding any further issue.

This latest version of Adobe InDesign has filled a void by fixing some bugs from the previous versions of this tool. If you have the license, start using this amazing tool.

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