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Office 2011, the latest release of the Microsoft Office Suite for Mac OS X comes with many upgraded features along with added features. Its new features that include cross-platform Office, upgraded ribbon, its collaboration, Outlook integration and many more all make it more desirable to upgrade to Office 2011. This page provides all details about Office 2011 productivity suite.

Office 2011 contains all the popular Office apps for Mac OS X system, which includes Word 2011, Excel 2011, Power Point 2011, and Outlook 2011 that replaces your Messenger for Mac 8, entourage, Remote Desktop Connection, Document connection and connector for Mac. Office 2011 is the best option for those who use Office to share documents at work, school or at home. Let’s know what’s new in Office 2011 and all about its advanced features.

Features of Office 2011:-

  • Cross-Platform Office

Office 2011 provides co-editing tools. That is, you and your co-workers or even your clients all can edit your Office documents at the same time irrespective of the OS you are using. It can be your Windows or Mac of any different versions. Also, you can easily switch from one platform to another without any difficulties.

All your documents, presentations or spreadsheets that are created on one platform can be opened on the other platform. In case you edit the format of your documents or add some pivot tables to your spreadsheets on your Mac, the same will appear on your Windows machines also. When comes to Visual Basic applications, the macros which you create on Mac will work well even on your Windows OS.

  • Collaboration:

This new version of Office includes document-collaboration feature that makes use of Microsoft’s online storage features. With this, all Mac users can easily share files and even collaborate documents, spreadsheets or presentations with other Mac and Windows users by using SharePoint, Office Web Apps and SkyDrive.

  • Can perform common tasks fast:

Office 2011 is featured with dynamic ribbon. With this you can easily navigate through your document, spreadsheets or Presentations. It puts all the needed tools at your fingertips and thus, providing you a quicker way of accessing your Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.

  • Template gallery:

Provides access to thousands of Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2011 themes and even templates. You can create wonderful and professional documents with these themes. You can edit them from the gallery and quickly design your documents. In addition, it appears in large formats that enable you to view the layouts, graphics and even the fonts, hence you can customize and preview your documents easily.

  • Outlook integration:

Office 2011 comes with new Database and Conversation view that enables you to consolidate and easily access your emails with Outlook 2011. It incorporates a new application for all your mission-critical emails, scheduling, contacts, notes, tasks etc. This new database stores your data in individual and accessible files thus making the Outlook for Mac compatible with Spotlight and Time Machine. It even enables you to maintain long e-mail conversations into a simple and compact form; hence you can access your emails quickly.

Thus Microsoft Office 2011 is the best option for all including Home users, at work or even for the students. Nevertheless, be cautious there are chances of losing your files. This is because, since Office 2011 provides many advanced features, you might store all your important and confidential data using this Office 2011. In any case, you hit the delete option on any of these Office 2011 files and empty your Trash you will lose your important Office 2011 files. However, if you encounter such instances you can make use of Remo Recover Mac Software and recover your deleted Office 2011 excel file or word file or PowerPoint one, within minutes.

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