Android Phone's SD Card Won't Mount

Many Android phones now-a-days have cameras, video recorders, MP3 players, e-book readers and even the expandable applications. In order to store all these, Android phone might use your phone’s internal memory. However, as the number of apps increased the internal memory starts filling up quickly. This is why majority of these Android phones support expandable memories in the form of cards. You can make use of these cards as a removable storage device and connect whenever required and remove if not. These can be the SD cards that can store your files and apps. Hence, your Android phone’s SD card contains all your files, apps, and images or videos of the memorable days of your life.

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Sometimes, these SD cards might not mount or will not be recognized by your Android phones. But, there is no one particular reason for this; it can be due to any reasons. Here are the few tips that help you to figure out the cause and to fix it. Just have a look at it:

Check your phone’s SD Card: One of the main reason for your Android phone not recognizing your SD card can be SD card itself. Your SD card might have been corrupt due to many reasons like improper usage, virus infection and many more. To make sure about this, just connect your SD card to another handset and test its working or plugin your SD card to your computer. If the card is recognized by these two then the SD card is healthy else, the SD card will be faulty and you need to replace it.

Hardware related problems: To check this, first install your SD card correctly onto your Android handset. If it is not recognized then just remove the SD card from the phone and lift the metal cover on the SD card slot and then insert the card back. If it is installed correctly your SD card will fit under the metal cover, securely in the slot. Now, your SD card should get recognized.

Check for the Operating system settings: Issues with the operating system will also prevent your Android card from reading the SD card. All Android devices will have a setting that allows you to mount or un-mount a SD card. You must have the correct removable storage settings set on your Android OS to view and save data to the card.

To check this first go the “settings” menu, locate the “Un-mount SD card” option and tap on it to unmount your SD card. After the handset finishes un-mounting your SD card, select the option to “Mount SD card”. This may correct your OS issues if any.

Execute anti-virus program: Even when your SD card is infected by virus, then your Android device will not be able to recognize your SD card. Hence, this might also be a reason for SD card un-mounting. In order to get rid of these virus scan your SD card and even the device with powerful anti-virus software.

Even after following the above described tips, if you are unable to solve the issues, it’s better to replace your SD. But what about the data that is stored on that unmountable SD card? How will you get them back? Don’t worry; just try the Remo Recover for Android software that can easily recover lost photos from Android SD card that won’t mount.

Precautionary measures for using SD card

  • Use caution when working with your SD card
  • Frequently moving the card or altering the settings on your handset might cause the card to become unreadable.
  • Before working with your SD card, use a converter to move your stored files on to your computer or an external drive device
  • Storing your files in a separate location will keep them safe even if something happens to your SD card
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