Best Backup Solutions for Mac in 2018

Your Mac would certainly have important documents, files, favourite videos and other data. Having a copy of them updated on another location will help you in cases of data disaster like Mac crash, formatting, OS re-installation etc. For most of us mac data backup solution is just time Machine! But, that’s not enough. There are many backup solutions that are much more efficient than Time Machine. Cloud storage, bootable clone and many more. Here are few of the best Backup solutions for Mac in 2018.

Time Machine

As we all know, this is one of the best backup solution for Mac. It is built into Mac and is an offline backup. You just have to turn on Time Machine and connect external hard drive. Once you set it up, and forget it, Time Machine will keep updating the backup automatically as per the scheduled data & time. So, your backup will be updated, you can easily recover data in cases of data loss.

However, it’s just an offline backup and hence doesn’t offer complete data security.


iCloud is the cloud storage backup solution offered to Mac users by Apple itself. It lets you store all your data – documents, photos, videos, excel sheets and other important data. Apple offers 5GB of free storage of iCloud. If required, you can upgrade the iCloud storage. To set up iCloud storage, you need to sign-in with your Apple account with Apple ID and password. You can select the plan required and set-up backup.

Drop box

Drop box is a great place where, you can store your important data securely. It offers a quick backup option that your files will be updated as soon as you create them or save the edits – data will be backed up right away. It offers – 2GB of storage space for free and the later will be charged as per the plan. However, just for $9.99 month you cab avail storage space of terabytes.

Google One

This is a cloud platform enabled solution and is more secure form of backing up your important data. It is the rebranded version of Google Drive. Though it’s quite similar to Drop Box and is a great choice for backing up important data on Mac it lacks some backup features.

However, on the pricing front, it suits everyone’s pocket. The subscription plans offered are 15GB free, $1.99/month for 100GB, $2.99/month for 200GB, more options. This can be a better option compared to Drop box in terms of pricing

These are some of the options available. You will get many such options. Research more on the goods and bad’s and then decide. Time Machine you don’t have an option to reject. However its good option, even though you lose data, you still have chances of recovering data after time machine failure on Mac computers like MacBook pro, iMac or others. Nevertheless, Online / cloud backups adds in more security. Just try the free storage spaces offered and then plan for subscriptions.

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