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5 Best SD card Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

What is the best free SD card Recovery Software to opt for? Moreover, it should be an efficient Recovery tool that can help you to recover all lost data from SD card devices.
In this piece of content, you are going to find the 5 best SD card recovery tools for Mac and Windows. All these tools are shortlisted after intense testing scenarios. The best SD card recovery tool has been derived by comparing aspects such as price point, platforms available on, supported file formats, and finally real-time data loss scenarios. The test cases involved deleted file recovery on SD cards to recovering data from corrupted or damaged SD cards.

SD card might be the only storage drive that can be used on almost all devices. Such as Mobile phones, cameras, computers, watches, and SD cards are even used in medical diagnostic equipment. Just by looking at the range of devices where the SD card is used, says how crucial and critical data stored on the SD card can be.

At the same time, the SD card is also most vulnerable to data loss, data can vanish in a matter of seconds. Situations like clicking on format accidentally when switching between devices are very common. In almost every situation, memory card recovery software is the solution.

5 Best SD card Recovery Softwares.

  • Remo SD Card Recovery Software
  • PhotoRec
  • Free Any Photo Recovery
  • Recuva
  • Stellar
  • Alsoft Disk Warrior – Hidden Gem

Remo Memory Card Recovery Software

Price ranging from $39.97 to $99.97 (based on edition) Remo has taken the top spot for best file recovery software for SD cards. This is the only tool in the list which is a one-time buy and lifetime validity. You don’t need to renew the tool every year like other tools in the list demand.

Additionally, Remo can detect over 300 file formats and ensures to recover almost all file formats. Further, Remo has an option that allows users to define unfamiliar or custom file formats. This can be a significant advantage to the users who deal with unfamiliar file formats or, to the users who work with usual devices such as medical equipment or geographical survey hardware.

Coming to testing scenarios, it showed a 100% success rate even in the most complicated data loss scenarios such as corrupted SD card recovery, unallocated partition, and even formatted SD cards. Since SD cards are majorly used on digital cameras, Remo included a dedicated photo recovery option to recover digital cameras.

best sd card recovery software


  • Available on both Mac and Windows versions (Also compatible with the latest Big Sur)
  • Streamlined UI
  • Integrated with a Deep Scan and Smart Scan options to tackle most complicated data loss scenarios on SD card
  • A dedicated photo recovery option makes it the best software to recover photos from an SD card
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Supports NTFS, FAT32, ExFAT, APFS, HFS, HFS+ so that users can recover SD cards on Mac
  • Highly recommended for everyday users such as photographers, digital content creators, and personal with less technical expertise.


  • Long scan durations (based on scenario and hardware)
  • Requires more time to restore the data.
  • Few options are hidden and hard to find

PhotoRec Data Recovery Software

PhotoRec is a free SD card recovery software. However, being free and open-source also means you will not be having any customer assistance.

However, the main reason for PhotRec to be part of the best SD recovery software is because of its versatility. PhotoRec works on the MS-Dos platform. It means that PhotRec is compatible with almost all the computer operating systems on earth, that include Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and even Solaris OS.

PhotoRec has two interfaces, graphical UI and MS-Dos UI. The tool is highly technical and detailed; it can even display individual storage sectors on the MS-Dos UI. In comparison to its commercial competitors, it is complicated to use. You need to be tech-savvy to navigate through this software.

best file recovery software for sd card


  • Free to use for a lifetime
  • Can recover any kind of file from any kind of data loss scenario
  • Seamlessly works in almost all the environments
  • Supports all file systems
  • Highly technical


  • Highly technical so highly complex to use
  • Not recommended for everyday users
  • No customer support
  • Since it is a free tool your data can be at risk

Free Any Photo Recovery

Free Any Photo Recovery, as the name suggests this free SD card recovery software. Even though it clearly is a digital media recovery software it claims to be on the top SD card recovery software.

It might not be the best software to recover files from the SD card but, it has a comprehensive set of options to recover photos from an SD card. The tool has a dedicated window especially to select the RAW photo formats from the digital cameras. It includes all RAW photo formats from all digital camera brands. Along with photos, Any Photo Recovery software can also recover videos files

The tool has a few performance issues such as longer scan times. It also limps while recovering files in critical data loss conditions.

best memory card recovery software


  • Completely free to use
  • Self-Explanatory UI
  • Dedicated Photo recovery windows, the best tool to recover photos from SD card
  • Highly recommended for Photographers.


  • Can only recover Photo and Videos
  • Really long scan durations
  • Customer support is only available through email


Coming from the house of CCleaner, a highly recognizable brand, and pricing at $24.95 Recuva is the cheapest option available on the list. Yet, it is a subscription-based service, you have to renew it every year.

Coming to the performance, Recuva performed well while recovering the deleted images and files. However, the performance of Recuva is not on par with others while recovering from complicated data loss scenarios. While scanning the drive it is displaying the number of files found, yet files are not available in the recovery window.

Consolidating the experiences, Recuva can be the best SD card recovery software to recover data from the SD card.


  • The simplest user interface, really easy to use.
  • Best performing SD card recovery software at its price point
  • Can recover all file formats
  • Fastest Scan times


  • Not available in Mac version
  • Cannot perform in complex data loss scenarios
  • Sluggish customer support team

Stellar Data Recovery Software

Pricing at 79.95, comparatively stellar might seem to be a decent option, but you have to realize even it is subscription-based. Not considering the price factor, Stellar can be called the best SD recovery software. The user interface is highly intuitive and easy to use.

Performance is comparable to Remo. The tool completely streamlines the recovery process. If the normal scan doesn’t work, Stellar automatically kicks in the advanced scan. The advanced Scan option is more meticulous while scanning for lost data on the SD card.

Similar to Remo, Stellar is also compatible with all file systems and ensures to detection of almost all file formats. It also has a good customer assistance team.

best photo recovery software for sd card


  • Works flawlessly in all data loss scenarios
  • Available on both Mac and Windows versions (not clear about Big Sur)
  • Highly Streamlines UI


  • Does not segregate the deleted or lost files from the existing files after recovering
  • Only one-year subscription
  • All the files that show up as recoverable are actually not recoverable

Alsoft Disk Warrior

Alsoft Diskwarrior 5 Disk Repair Utility Software is priced at $108 and is one of the most advanced repair and data recovery tool. The software is specifically for Mac users. DiskWarrior has the capability to recover your lost documents, photos, music, and other files as well. Sometimes, your Mac may even tell you that you need to "Initialize Disk" which would erase your entire disk! The tool can salvage data even after the entire disk is erased.
The tool is having SMART technology, which allows you to automatically test and alert you to impending drive malfunctions. This makes backing up the files easier even before your drive fails.
Alsoft Disk Warrior Tool
Performance is quite decent as compared to other repair utilities. It repairs files and hard drives, then optimizes the disk directory to maximize performance. It even fixes mysterious errors like "Invalid node structure" and "Keys out of order", etc. You just have to plug in the problematic drive to your Mac and it will copy all data to a new drive irrespective of the fact that the erroneous drive may have bad sectors or corrupt files.


  • The Disk Warrior tool provides a preview feature. This will let you examine how your disk will appear after it is repaired. You can even compare your disk in its damaged state to its repaired state.
  • Repairs invalid file permissions
  • Rebuilds Attribute B-trees
  • Repairs and rebuilds Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Repairs Time Machine backups
  • Eliminates the risk of losing access to files. While a few of the disk repair tools directly make an attempt to fix the directory by patching the directory structure. This includes the risk of deleting sections of the directory.


  • The current version of DiskWarrior – 5.2 – does NOT support APFS volumes. Thus, if you only have an internal SSD drive, DiskWarrior will not help you until the next version is released.
  • Just developed for Mac, not for Windows or Linux.
  • It is a better utility for repair rather than using it for data recovery.
  • You will get the software delivered to you on a flash storage device. So you cannot use the repair tool as soon as you buy it.
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