Best use of Picasa

Most of you interested in photography may be familiar with Picasa, even if not used definitely might have heard about it. Picasa is the most popular and the best image organizing, sharing and editing tool developed and owned by Google. With Picasa you can edit your pictures, organize, share it on Google accounts, Flickr, Facebook etc., create web albums, create collage of your favorite pics and many more. It is easiest photo editing and managing tool.

If you have downloaded and wondering how to make use of Picasa software effectively, then here are few tips which illustrates few of the best ways to utilize Picasa.

Few Shortcut keys:

Picasa can be easily operated with some shortcut keys. Make sure you master them they will really come in handy and help you to use Picasa in a proper way:

Shortcut to be hit


Ctrl + A Select all photos
F11 Picasa in full-screen mode
Ctrl + Shift + H Flip the image horizontally
Ctrl + Shift + G Flip the image Vertically
Ctrl + Shift + B To add Black and White effect
Ctrl + 1 View Photos in large Thumbnails
Ctrl + 2 View Photos in small Thumbnails
Ctrl + 3 Open your photo in “Edit Mode”
Ctrl + 4 Begin Slideshow
Ctrl + O Select a Photo on your system to open in Picasa
Ctrl + R Rotate your picture in clockwise direction
Ctrl + Shift + R Rotate picture in counter-clock direction
Ctrl+ T Add tag to your picture
Ctrl + N Create new Picasa album
F1 View Help function

In addition to these short cut keys, some of the other techniques to use Picasa in best way are as listed below:

Tag photo using keyword: Select a few photo (Ctrl + Click), then press Click + K to add keywords. Adding keywords will help in sorting the photos and finding a particular picture.

Full screen photo-viewing: To view the photo in full screen, just use Ctrl and then ALT over the photo.

Photo Editing: You can easily edit your pictures to make it a perfect tool. To achieve this, double-click on photo, a toolbar with three tabs appears on the left like Basic fixes, Tuning and Effects. With these you can crop, sharpen, change colors, adjust red-eye etc.

Create Collage: Picasa has provides you an option to collage all your pics easily. To achieve this, just select the photos to collage and click on the “Create Photo Collage” button in the folder or the album header. Make use of the Settings and Clips tabs to control the appearance and then customize the collage using the buttons present above and below the screen. If you want to remove any picture click on the photo and hit “Remove” tab. If you are satisfied press “Create Collage” button.

Organize your images: Whenever you are importing or saving images, you will encounter two options flat-view and Tree-view to set a view for these files. In flat view the folders will be nested deeply into one another, but the nested folders will not be visible. But in Tree-view they will be arranged in a hierarchical order and provides a clear view of all the folders present in it. To create the tree-view go to View -> Folder view ->Tree view. Tree-view is very easier to manage and organize your photos.

If you have set the Flat-Folder view, there are chances of losing your photos. This is because, in flat-view you will not be able to find out which are the folders nested and will not even be able to make out whether folders are nested or not. Hence, when you delete any folder in Flat folder view it will also delete the nested folders. If the nested folder contains your favorite pictures then, you will lose your photos entirely. However no worries, when you encounter such instances make use of Remo Recover Windows Media edition tool and recover your deleted photos from Picasa without any difficulties.

Find Duplicate Picture: To search and locate the duplicate photos even from your imported folders or other folders. To perform this, Select “Tools” menu and hit on “Experimental” and then, “Show Duplicate Files”.  Now Picasa will display all your duplicate photos and then you can perform any management actions like deletion or renaming etc.

Above tricks will definitely come handy.

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