Best Way to Find Hidden Files and Folders in Windows

Hidden files in Windows are normal files but are made invisible. Actually there are two forms of hidden files, the files with “H” attribute are marked by user as hidden and files with “S” attribute are system files marked by OS to prevent the files from being edited by novice users. These system files can be made visible by sending request to the Microsoft OS.  It is also possible to find the files and folders that are hidden by the users. You might be exhausted of searching for those hidden files and folders on your system. However, the procedure to locate these hidden files and folders in Windows is easier than you think.

Below explained are the steps involved in finding all those hidden files and folders in Windows OS:

  • Go to Start on your desktop and click My Computer, from the Task bar select Tools. Alternatively, open the Windows Explorer and then click Tools on the task bar.
  • Pick Folder Options and then choose the Advanced Settings tab
  • Now, check the box in front of “Show hidden files and foldersdepending on the other settings of your system, hit “Apply” button or “OK” tab that is located at the bottom of the window in order save the setting and the changes to take effect.
  • Now all of your hidden Windows files and folders will be made visible
  • Uncheck the box in front of “Hide file extensions” option

This last step is optional, however it is recommended to perform this step because these file extensions help us to determine what type of file we are working with. For example, a .doc file is a Microsoft Word file and a .png is an image file.

Now, you will be able to view all your hidden files and folders on your Windows systems. If this procedure fails to locate the hidden files and folders then your files might have been lost due to virus infections or some unknown reasons might have led to the loss. To get those files back, make use of the Remo Recover Windows and scan your entire Windows systems. This will extract all your lost or deleted files successfully. In addition, with the aid of this tool you can also perform lost word file recovery on all versions of Windows OS. Know more about this by visiting given link.

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