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Have huge collection of Outlook contacts and thinking how to manage them accurately? Then here are some simple tips, just further…

Microsoft Outlook is one of the massive applications that provide many user friendly features, settings, functions due to which users find difficult in managing it appropriately. However, most of them prefer to save their contacts in Outlook to send messages easily. With this you don’t have to actually remember all the contact details as it will be saved on your Outlook profile. Since, Outlook is used for many purposes like sending mails, messages, setting appointments, reminders etc. and has numerous contact details it becomes very difficult to manage these contacts. managing your Outook contacts is one of the handy outlook habits that boost your experience.

Create Address Book

In order to manage your Outlook contacts easily, the first thing you should is to create an address book. Normally, address book gets created as soon as you generate the personal profile folder. Even though you can create additional address books but by default only one address book will be defined to your profile.

Follow below mentioned steps to create new address book:

  • Go to File Tab -> Info Group -> Account Settings button
  • Select -> Account Setting option from the list
  • Select ->Address Book Tab -> click New button
  • From Add Account Dialog Box -> Additional Address Book -> Next
  • Here you will find two types of Address Books: Mobile Address Book & Outlook Address Book; Select the one as per your choice
  • At last close and reopen the Outlook to use your new address book

Import and Export Outlook contacts

When you want to import or export your contacts to Outlook follow below steps:

  • Go to File -> Import and Export Wizard
  • Select Export to a file/import from another program -> Next
  • From Create Under a file -> Outlook Data File -> Next
  • From the Select folder to export from-> Contact Folder -> Next

There is another way to import or export a contact through Outlook i.e. with the help of vCards. These cards are nothing but a standard electronic business card format that can be shared with others by means of email signature or attachment.

However, one other easiest way of importing / exporting the Outlook contacts is with Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate tool. Using this tool in just few clicks you can easily migrate Outlook contacts to any other PC or higher Outlook version securely without losing or causing any damage to the contacts.

Creating and Managing Contact Groups

In Outlook, you can create contact groups to send same message to multiple people very quickly so that time can be saved. Below are some simple steps to create contact groups:

  • Firstly open Outlook and then click on New Contact Group
  • After this decide and provide the group name of your desired choice
  • Then click -> Add Members -> From Outlook Contacts
  • Now from your Contact list -> Click Members -> OK
  • From Address Book Select contact->Click Members->OK

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