Best Way to Protect Android from Malware

Is your Android phone infected with malware threat? If yes, then how will you keep your device free from this threat? And one more thing, how will you keep your Android Smartphone protected from malware threats in future? To get answer for these queries in simple way, read this page….

Nowadays over millions of people are using Android OS based Smartphone’s because of availability of numerous apps in Google play store, so one can do anything with a mobile app such as order take out, book bus or train ticket, search for a new apartment, find shortest path to reach destination, even bump phones to settle up a bill with friends, etc. An increased number of apps have been found with malware embedded in them and ID theft techniques. Here, the immediate one more question comes in mind is, after all every user installs apps from Google play store, does Google keeps a tight watch over that to ensure malware don’t squeeze through? Not completely, suspicious apps have been known to make it on to the play store and the actual issue is with using third party application distributor that help install cracked apps, which in turn also results in malware.

Additional and most important gateway for malware viruses to enter into the Android devices is over the air that is (Wi- Fi) network. Well, there are many more reasons through which malware enters into your Android phone and corrupts entire data. However, by following the below listed preventive steps, you can protect your Android device from Malware threats. Few of them are listed below:

  • First and foremost thing keep in mind is don’t install applications from third party Android stores
  • Upgrade your OS, if possible to the latest version of Android
  • Make use of updated and licensed antivirus software in your respective Android phone
  • Don’t visit or download any files from suspicious Web sites
  • Uncheck “install from unknown sources”

These are some of the tips that help you keep your Android protected against any malware threats. In fact malwares can even slow down your internet speed. Even though you use powerful anti-malware apps and you remove such these malware, at times due to even browser issues your internet speed reduces. In such cases, Remo MORE is the best solution to improve Android internet speed as it fixes all browser issues to enhance the browser performance.

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