Best Ways to Backup Data

Nowadays computer consumers use various electronic gadgets to access and store their valuable data, such as systems, laptops, Smartphone, etc or create BKF (Backup File) on their system. You may store data on these gadgets such as family photos, documents, videos, pictures or anything else. However, all these data is very important for you but losing these data due to any reason will hurt you lot. Hence, it is best to backup your essential data to other storage device.

List of ways to backup data

Manually backing up data: You can backup your essential data from your system hard disk using external USB drives such as pen drives, CD or DVD, external hard disk, etc. Follow below mentioned steps to do it.

  • Start your PC and wait till you get welcome screen
  • Next, connect device to system in which you wish to backup data
  • Next prioritize data which you wish to backup
  • Select all file using Ctrl + A and right click to choose Copy option
  • Open connected drive and right click to choose Paste option
  • Disconnect the device once paste process is over

Using Backup program

There are some programs available free to backup data from hard disk by automatic options. In addition, they provides some basic features like scheduling data backup task and even you can compress data to save space on storage device.

However, doing data backup using above methods in external storage device, still data loss may or may not happen from them due to various reasons such as virus attacks, file system error, accidentally deletion, etc. If you already having a backup file on your system and due to above mentioned reasons, there are chances that you may lose your BKF (Backup File). However, you do not have to worry because you can efficiently perform BKF recovery from Windows OS versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc. by using the most efficient Windows file recovery software called as Remo Recover Windows.

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