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Must Have Accessories for Photographers

If you are a beginner and just started your stint with the professional camera, welcome to the world of photography! A decent DSLR is good to begin with but only a camera is not good enough to click pictures. If you want your photos to look professional and protected, there are few basic yet must have accessories for photographers that you should invest in immediately. And what they are? Let’s have a look.

1 – Camera Bag

This is one of the must-have accessories that you should invest in. A good camera bag helps you to protect and transport your camera when traveling. There are plenty of bags available and choosing the right one is a daunting task. Often people buy bags that are enough to fit their cameras and end up selling them after few months after realizing that there is no room for the lens. When buying a camera bag, make sure you go for the one which has plenty of room for lens and other accessories that we mention below.

2 – Camera Lens

I know its photographer skill that matters when capturing a good photo. But having a good lens takes your photography to next level. There is something called as kit lens, which is good for a beginner. Actually there are two types of lenses – Prime and focus. Focused lens don’t zoom in or zoom out and have one depth-of-field. While Prime lens can zoom in and zoom out through different depths and focused lens is little hard as you have to focus yourself.

3 – Neck or Camera Straps

The neck straps that comes with the camera are not comfortable. When you carry the heavy camera and lens for a long shoot, the strap may leave you with bruises on your neck. Hence you need to carefully choose the neck / camera straps. Luckily, there are good neck traps available that are soft, comfortable and hold a heavy camera, lens and a pack of battery.

4 – Additional Battery

An additional battery is an essential accessory that comes in handy particularly when traveling. If you don’t have an additional battery already, then you should buy one immediately. And remember that the battery drains out fast if you are shooting in cold temperatures. So be equipped for short battery-life in freezing temperature.

5 – Lens Cleaner

Dirt and dust on the lens give you a cloudy image by reducing the lens contrast. Hence, keeping the front and back elements of the lens clean is important. From the variety of brands out there, anything you buy is worthy.

6 – Lens Protector

Whenever you buy a lens, make a habit of buying lens protector. Buy one as soon as possible, if you don’t have already. They help you from accidental damages to your lens and also makes it easier in cleaning the lens. Though some photographers say that having a lens protector will reduce the image quality, it is not totally true. Just buy a good quality lens filter and trust me, it doesn’t affect the image quality.

7 – Memory Card/Holder

Having a good quality and high storage capacity memory card is very important. There are memory cards that are used specifically for professional or DSLR camera. When buying a memory card check for its class and speed and also make sure you buy a holder as well. As they are small in physical size and delicate, they can easily get damaged or corrupted if not kept safe. These holders are shock absorbent and shock resistance.

Note: If in case your memory card is damaged or corrupted, then you should immediately use Remo memory card recovery tool to retrieve your file. This tool will quickly recover your pictures from corrupt CF cards, XD cards, SD cards etc. Once, you get access to your data you can go ahead with troubleshooting the memory card problem.

8 – Tripod and Remote

This is one of the must-have accessories for certain type of shots. A tripod stabilizes the camera and with remote, the camera won’t shake while pressing the click button on the camera. Also, tripod comes in handy when you have to shot in low-light and you need to keep the camera steady to get lighter. And both the accessories help in taking family selfies!

9 – Flash Speedlight

If you are serious about photography, then this is a must have accessory. Though DSLR has inbuilt flash, when shooting in dim-light, it will leave to disappointed. So, you should definitely invest in a Speedlight flash.

10 – Polarizing Filter

If you want to shoot architecture or landscape, then polarising filters are a must have accessories. Essentially, these filters reduce reflection from things like glass, water or a shiny sky. With this filter, you can expose the cloud by darkening the sky. Keeping the filter always on reduces the speed of the camera. So it is recommended to use it only when necessary.


Photography is a skill that can be mastered with practice. With these ten essential accessories, you can take your photography skills to next level. Set out and shoot best pictures ever. And let us know in the comment section if you think we can some more.

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