Would You Buy SSD in 2017?

Solid State Drives are the latest storage technology that is highly appreciated and recommended by tech savvy people. Many of the modern electronic devices are equipped with these SSD drives. They give a very good performance as compared to the conventional hard drives in computers. Most of the people now a day, are looking ahead to upgrading or replacing their old HDDs with SSD drives. Here is why you should buy SSD in 2017 despite being very costly.

You can easily and preferably switch to the SSD from your previous drive with ease. Most of the times you switch the hard drive which is empty and ready to install. Sometimes, you have to perform restoration of formatted SSD data to regain your files. In any case, you get a better performance from your computer, if you install a new SSD in your system.


Solid State Drives have a very different mode of operation than the old platter-based hard drives. The SSD stores all its data in microchips that are available inside it. It is a flash based storage technique and has proved its worth many times in past.

The cost of these SSDs has declined from past few years. Most of the SSDs come way cheaper than earlier. This is due to the cheap manufacture of silicon-based storage and the NAND storage. This is silicon which is designed to store the data. Over the years, the cost has decreased to a great extent up to now.

With this new year, there is a huge demand of these NAND based SSDs in the market. And most of the SSD manufacturers are facing an issue with the supply of NAND. This makes the manufacturer of SSDs quite difficult and the market is foreseen with a shortage of these NAND and thus the SSDs.


The NAND is basically responsible for storing the data in your solid state drive. It is mostly used in consumer electronics with storage capability. NAND finds its application in various devices like mobile phones, flash cards, solid state drives etc. A huge volume of electronic devices in the market has given rise to a shortage in its availability.

The flash memory used in various electronics involve the use of different kinds of NAND. Here are the types of NAND that are used:

Triple-Level Cell NAND – TLC NAND is comparatively slow and mechanically weaker than others. It has a high power to erase time which is just an average performance.

Multi-Level Cell NAND – The MLC NAND are among most famous and highly used NAND. They offer better performance than the other categories.

3D NAND – The 3D NAND has its own significance as it offers versions with TLC and MLC. This is the most recent technology in our list. 3D NAND works better in terms of endurance than the other two variants.


The SSD interacts with your motherboard with the help of interfacing buses. There are two difference ways of interfacing with the motherboard. All the SSDs use either of the interfacing technique to interact with the computer processor.

The SSD have two interfacing, PCIe, and SATA. Which one is best? Is a wrong question. However, you should first check the availability in your system. Most of the systems come with SATA compatibility, some of them are PCIe compatible.

On comparison of the two interfaces, we can see that the PCIe is faster than SATA and is capable of performing with high speed. The cost of PCIe-based SSDs is comparatively higher than SATA-based SSDs, lets’ have a look at some of the comparison parameters of these two interfaces.


Low price for every unit of memory

Common interface for most of the machines

High Read/Write cycle speed


Higher price per unit memory

Higher Read/Write Speed, a study suggests the speed can be around 15GB/S

Rare Interface for most of the machines

So if you buy a new system, you are likely to get it equipped with SSD. You can also replace your old hard drive with a new SSD. Whatever may be your choice, you don’t want to spend more time thinking about it. The rising demand for these small storage drives and a shortage of NAND for various electronics indicates towards price rise. The already costly SSDs are one of the best choices for your computer in 2017.

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