How you can Transform your Life with Internet of Things?

It’s a chilling Monday evening. You came home from the office and as you enter through the door your house’s thermostat turns ON. Your kettle is ready as you walk through the door, your fridge orders milk as you turn low, and your pill bottle messages at the right time when you need to take.

Next day when you headed to your work, even before you reach the parking space you find an empty space to park. Welcome to the world of “Internet of Things” – a dream world wherein every device is connected with your day-to-day life via the internet.

According to Gartner report, there’ll be 6.4 billion "Internet of Things" worldwide in 2016, up to 30% from 2015 and it is expected to reach 20.8 billion by 2020.

So, if you are not riding the bandwagon of IoT yet, you surely will in very near future. Its fanfare has already gone too far now and the experts have already given their word “the IoT which adds sensors and internet capability to physical objects, could transform the lives of ours as rapidly as the spread of cell phones.”

Here’re some of the ways IoT is driving our lives to a new direction:

Connected Homes

When Internet was young, it was meant to be only viewing web pages via a dial-up modem connector, Later it became so much more. Now It’s Google and Facebook, video streaming in the YouTube and watching NetFlix. It’s always-on WiFi on home or mobile broadband connections on your mobile devices.

And, the real power of the internet has yet to be realized.

Imagine being able to use a smartphone to lock or open your house door as you go out or come in . Imagine getting text messages when your Washing Machine is done with the dirty work or an alarm from your Oven when the food is ready.

The good news is, these concepts are not too far to implement, innovations in each area have already been started, so you shouldn’t be surprised when you visit your friend’s smart home that can adjust room temperature and lights automatically.

For Elderly people

Elderly people want to live independently in their home with technological solutions safer for them. Personal Response System (PERS) is an example. It is a wearable device that has a call to help button with the simple push a button. At emergency situations, they can use this that'll facilitate a call for help.

Kids and Education

The internet has clearly impacted the pillars of the education system. It has changed the way we used to study. People are creating and sharing knowledgeable content, and developing a new way of teaching and learning that can charm and refresh students’ imagination. The internet is an unlimited source of information. Students can interacts with his/her teachers or classmates without any restriction of time or place. With the help of IoT technologies,  students can access online libraries of different universities, or interact with  scholars around the globe, and much more. Ultimately, the engagement of students on academics will be increased.

We are entering in a world where methods of teachings and learning are being revolutionized in ways not previously possible without technology. Now many schools are giving each student their own personalized device which will help them to access information, do research and homework, and engage with teachers and classmates.


Do you remember the time when phones and letters were only means of communication with distant people?

Time's changed and we have witnessed an impenetrable advancement in the field of communication. The way we connect with people and with companies has completely changed. IoT has brought quite a revolution, first came technologies like Bluetooth and WiFi, then virtual chat rooms, so as to diminish the communication barriers. Various protocols are being used in global IoT framework just like MQTT, XMPP, DDS, and so on.


Internet of Things also impacted sports and games. Many athletes are using IoT gadgets to make improvement in their overall performance. Pick any sport, you can see the effect IoT making on it. Suppose, it’s cycling then there are gadgets that will help to cycle faster, monitor distances, etc.

If its tennis then a player can use racket sensor that monitors the player stroke, power, reliance, effectiveness, and, more likely, mistakes that he/she makes.

The historic Wimbledon tennis tournament in London is taking advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2016.

In soccer, there are sensors in boots, in swimming wrist wearables are there to track athlete repetition, speed, and endurance.


Now it's not necessary to spend eight hours a day in the office for earning money. IoT has made this possible. The evolution of web-based tools and cloud services has made the physical co-potentiality pointless. We live and in a system of regular connectivity, that brings the employers and governments to a complete change of panorama, in the title of limberness. This improves the quality of work and reduces inefficiency.

We all are connected to IoT world up to an extent. But the impact, it's making on our day to day life differs person to person. Isn't it?

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