How to Recover Photos From Canon Camera?

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Summary: In this article, you will get to know how to quickly recover deleted photos from your Canon digital camera. Just stop using your camera and SD card to quickly retrieve deleted or lost photos and videos using a trusted and professional Photo Recovery Software- Remo Recover.

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Have you accidentally deleted your valuable pictures from your Canon digital camera? Or you just formatted your Canon memory card and lost all your important memories? Is there any way to recover deleted photos from Canon Camera? First of all, we will advise you to stop using the camera, SD card, and not save or take new pictures with the camera. Read along the following post to know the safe and secure method to perform canon photo recovery.

You can also use the same methods even to recover images from any Canon digital EOS or Powershot G11 camera and other Canon camera models.

Among all the popular brands of camcorders, Canon stands first for its photos and best built-in features like sharp image quality, best color contrasts, reliability, and lightweight. 

Despite being one of the best cameras, they do have the most complex data loss issues. Let us discuss some common scenarios where you lose photos or videos from a Canon camera and how to recover the photos from a camera.

Canon photo recovery

Causes for Data Loss From Canon Digital Camera

  1. One of the most accounted reasons is the accidental deletion of photos when viewing.
  2. While deleting one image from the Canon camera, you might have mistakenly hit the "delete all" button.
  3. Canon camera SD card is damaged or showing some errors, that need to be fixed by formatting
  4. Canon EOS needs to be reset to factory settings as it is not working fine and with that, all photos are lost.
  5. Interrupting the process while transferring photos from camera to computer.
  6. Accidental loss of photos due to formatting of Canon camera card.
  7. Canon camera firmware corruption.
  8. Canon media card errors etc.
  9. The intrusion of virus or malware.

The above mentioned are some of the reasons that lead to data loss on the Canon camera. Follow the next section to know more about how to recover photos from the Canon camera.

Can I Recover Deleted Photos From My Canon Camera?

Yes, you definitely can recover deleted photos from the Canon camera. You might think that the deleted data is gone forever. Actually, No, deleted files or photos still exist in the same storage sectors. But, those storage sectors are marked as deleted and ready to be overwritten with new data. 

This is why it is strictly recommended to stop using the storage device from which you have lost data. Safely remove the CF card or the SD card from your Canon camera, this will reduce the chances of any kind of over-writing. 

However, you will need a professional photo recovery tool for a safe and quick recovery of photos from a Canon camera. that can detect the Canon RAW image format and get back deleted photos

Remo Photo Recovery software can efficiently recover photos and videos from all models of Canon EOS and PowerShot models like Ixus 185 HS, PowerShot SX740 HS, PowerShot G1 X Mark III, EOS 5D, Mark IV, Canon eos rebel t3i and eos rebel t6. Not only that, the tool can detect any number of file formats like CR2, CRW, AMR, etc. The software is built with a deep scan feature to recover media files even after complex data loss scenarios.

Canon Camera Recovery

The ability to detect RAW image formats of all the digital cameras makes Remo the most preferred photo recovery software in the industry. Remo’s Deep Scan algorithm discretely scans every individual storage sector for data signatures and will restore every single bit of data from them. Additionally, Remo’s self-explanatory UI will help you recover deleted photos from Canon cameras in a few simple clicks. The following section has a complete explanation of how to recover deleted photos from a Canon camera. 

How to Recover Deleted Photos & Videos From Canon Camera? 

How to Recover Deleted photos from Canon Camera using CMD Prompt

Note -  the above command prompt method works well for both photos and videos

  1. Connect your Canon camera SD Card via card reader to your PC.
  2. Open Run and type cmd, press Command Prompt window opens Command Prompt.
  3. Type: chkdsk E: / f and press Enter (Replace E with the drive letter of the Canon SD card from which you lost photos).
  4. Type: Y and hit Enter.
  5. Type: E and press Enter again.
  6. Type: E:\>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*and press Enter.
  7. A new folder consisting of all recovered photos is created in your SD card. Copy them and save at a new location.

Recover Deleted Photos & Videos From Canon Camera Using Remo Recover 

If the Command prompt method has not worked well for then you will need reliable data recovery utility to recover your lost and deleted photos/ videos 

Download and install Remo Photo Recovery software on your system. Connect the Canon camera card to the system and launch the application.

Source: Trustpilot 

Step 1: From the main screen select your drive from where you want to recover your photos.

Step 2: Click on the Scan option to initiate the scanning process.

click on the scan

Note: Click on the Dynamic Recovery View to view the recovered photos. If you want to recover photos from a specific date, you can go to Filter and select Advanced Filter option and apply the date filter to recover lost photos by date.

dynamic recovery view

Step 3: Select the pictures which you want to restore, click on the Recover option to get back the recovered images to the desired location.

Experts always recommend not to save the recovered photos again on the same Canon memory card. Rather save them on any other storage device. This will ensure that the photos or videos you are trying to recover will not be overwritten.

Note: If you have trouble playing your Canon MOV video files or any other video files, click here to know how to repair Canon MOV files and make them playable.

File formats supported by the Remo Canon photo recovery software:

Image Formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, JP2, INDD, PSD, PSP, MOS, PCT, and more.

Canon RAW Photo Formats: CR2, CRW, and ever recovers Nikon NEF Format.

Canon Video Recovery

If you are looking out for an effortless and efficient Canon video recovery program to recover deleted or lost videos from the Canon camera, here is a highly recommended utility for recovering missing video files from the Canon camcorder. The default file format shot on the Canon camera is MOV, Remo supports recovery of more than 300 file types including MOV, AVI, MP4, etc. Click here to know more on video recovery

The software is designed with advanced technology to swiftly scan entire camera storage to recover video files on the basis of its unique file signature. It also recovers deleted, formatted, and missing video files from the camcorder with ease.

Video Formats: Can get back deleted AVI videos and other formats like WMV, ASF, MP4, M4V, 3GP, MOV, MPEG, DV, 3G2, M4B, MTS, DIVX, MKV, MOI Video File, OGM, VOB, 3G2, ASX, etc.

Audio Formats: WAV, MP3, AIFF, RPS, MIDI, M4A, M4P, AU, OGG, WMA, RM, RA, and more.


  1. Immediately stop using camcorders after data loss and perform Canon photo recovery to retrieve the data back.
  2. Avoid saving video files in the same camcorder memory card from where deleted files used to exist.

If you have successfully recovered photos from a Canon digital camera with the Remo Recover tool. Please drop a review of the product and do share this article with others.

Frequently Asked Question

Does a Canon camera have a recycle bin?

The recycle bin is not available on Canon cameras. The majority of the time, when you delete a photo from a Canon camera, it is irreversibly lost and cannot be restored without the aid of special software. As photographs cannot be easily recovered once they have been deleted from your camera, it is crucial to use caution when doing so. Make regular backups of your photos to a computer or other storage device if you want to keep them safe.

Do Canon cameras have storage?

Canon cameras often don't come with internal memory for storing pictures and videos. Instead, they store image and video content on removable storage devices like SD cards or CompactFlash cards. A tiny amount of internal memory may be present in some Canon cameras, which can be used to save a constrained number of photographs. However, this memory is typically not designed for long-term storage and is instead intended to serve as a temporary buffer for taking pictures before they are transferred to a more permanent media for storage.

How many years do Canon cameras last?

The lifespan of a Canon camera can vary depending on various factors such as usage, maintenance, and model. Generally, Canon cameras are well-built and can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. Some professional-grade models, like the Canon EOS-1D series, are designed to withstand heavy usage and can last for a very long time. Other models may have a shorter lifespan but can still provide reliable performance for several years.

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