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3 major causes that accelerate PC booting problems

You arrive at your office early in the morning, and get hands on your business. OH! Your PC won’t boot up at all. Rebooting it several times would yield no results!!  Most of the PC users might have experienced this. It’s really awful to start a day like this…  Stay calm! PCs have made our lives easier, but once if they run into problems it would be a very miserable situation as our entire work depends on these machines. It’s very hard to point out what’s wrong with your PC, because almost anything can be responsible for a boot up

How to Troubleshoot Power Problems in a Laptop?

Laptops are the portable hand-held computers that can be easily carried to any place at any time wherever you go. Due to this portability feature, laptop computers can be extremely convenient. However, at times, this would lead power problems that is your laptop battery could drain easily. Your laptop or notebook begins experiencing power problems. This would cause a great deal of frustration and make your computer unusable. Laptop power issues are commonly caused by the computer’s battery or power supply. Here are some troubleshooting steps that you can follow. Just read on… First and foremost thing to be done

Hard Drive Boot Problems

Usually a hard drive play main role in storing users data. When this hard drive fail to boot properly, user may feel very hectic since their valuable data stored in it. When this happens to your system also, then follow below mentioned steps to troubleshoot hard drive booting problems. In order to run a system properly, power supply plays a main role. Therefore, first you check the power cable, whether it is properly connected to socket or not. If the cable is connected properly then check whether the power is supplying properly to all the components or not. Next check,

Common Causes of an Invalid Boot Disk Error

Common causes of an Invalid boot disk error I’m getting the following error when trying to boot my computer:  “Invalid boot disk Insert a valid BOOT disk into drive A:” I’ve tried all manual tricks; pressing buttons, inserting boot disks, etc. But nothing works!! What is this invalid Boot Disc error and what is the cause for it? Is there by any chance this would show up because of heat issues? Invalid Boot Disk error has become common issue nowadays and most of you might have experienced it. Hence, this page aims at providing some useful information that one might

Troubleshooting device driver issues

Troubleshooting device driver issues Often when you connect any external device on your computer you might receive error messages indicating driver corruption or it might go unrecognized by your computer. In such instances the problem can be traced back to incorrectly installed device drivers. The Device Manager in Windows is the one that will report about the devices that are not working correctly. However, many of these problems can be solved just by updating or reinstalling the drivers in the Device Manager. This page provides an overview of the troubleshooting steps to resolve driver issues. Step 1: Open the Device

Troubleshoot MacBook Pro Startup Issues

I am having MacBook Pro 15inch that is has Startup Problem. As soon as I press the power button after few seconds the Apple symbol appears with a loading sign below it and won’t go further ahead of it… I am in a remote place where I can’t find a support center. My data is all in the hard drive…. and it has a Mountain Lion!!!!  Someone please Help me with this: how can I troubleshoot my MacBook Pro myself without losing data….? Are you one of those who are encountering the same or similar start up issues as in

Troubleshoot Screen Blackouts on a Nexus One

Google Nexus One is an ingenious Android phone that is designed and manufactured by HTC as Google’s first Nexus phone. It is over-hyped by its gorgeous display, a lightning-fast processor, and a loaded feature set. Its enhanced voice capabilities work flawlessly, to make your phone deliver solid performance. Moreover, it is designed to run on Android 2.1 version, with these Nexus One has become the best smartphone in the market. However, with all these eye catching and useful features, there also come few errors. As we know nothing is perfect, as the case with this Nexus One. One of the

Troubleshoot Not a Valid Win32 Application Problem

Factors such as infected files, incompatible files, bad files and hardware incompatibility could cause the “Not a valid win 32 application” problem while opening a file or even after starting up PC. It is one of the most common problem and is faced by many Windows operating system users across the world. But, no need to worry because you can easily fix this issue by following some simple instructions. Once you repaired this issue, your system will return to normal. If you are trying to install a program from a disc then taka it out from CD ROM drive and

What to do when Word document denies to open?

Word documents are becoming more and more popular and are widely used in many establishments ranging from schools to offices and even for personal usage at homes. In some instances, your Word document would deny to open or to respond. It is often a frustrating situation when the computer has the documents, but refuses to open and allow access to them. Don’t panic! Stay calm! Usually under such instances the data in the documents will not be lost completely; it might be a temporary problem due to a small error. However, there are several ways in which you can fix

Fix PC with NO Boot and NO POST

Sometimes when you switch on the system, it fails to boot as normal or provides some sort of power on self-test beep codecs, the main reason behind this might be loose connections, hardware failures or lack of power supply. In order to find out specific cause behind system boot order failure, you need to perform some actions in sequence. Hence, follow below mentioned steps in order to fix this issue and boot system safely. Initially make sure that power is supplying or not by inspecting power cord whether it is fully seated properly or not at the both ends. Check