Causes of Windows Registry Errors

Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that holds information about configuration settings of application and hardware programs that you have opted to use the registry. Whenever you install new applications on system, its keys and values are added into registry, where you can configure them as per your requirement. Mostly, the kernel, device drivers, user interface, third party applications and services make use of the registry. You may come across registry errors when these programs unable to run correctly and finally, you may encounter BSOD in system.

Let us see some of the reasons behind Windows Registry errors


In system, whenever a new application is installed, its relevant information is stored into registry also, such as configuration settings etc, these information is referred by computer while booting the program. For example, when you install video games, registry stores user preferences such as graphics settings, controls and audio levels so that user no need to update these settings again. In case any errors in installing program such as sudden system shutdown or corrupt file then windows registry entry table can also become corrupt.


As user uninstall any unwanted application by deleting its supporting files manually or following uninstall process dynamically, sometimes files stored on registry entry will not delete completely and these files still run by computer causing system booting slowdown and errors.

Virus and Malware attacks

Visiting unsecured sites or downloading unsecured data from internet on system, which makes easy for entering virus and malware threats entering into system. Once these threats enter into system will attack registry entry table and creates problem in opening relevant application software.  In some cases, registry errors may cause startup problem in system by corrupting hardware of the system.

Improper shutdown

When computer shutdown suddenly due to any issues that cause damage to registry files which are being in use. For example, if system shutdown abruptly due to power failure, the registry file would not save settings as files not end up with application software. In addition, before system shutting down properly, registry hives are written into disk.  However, files cannot be written into disk when these files are corrupt or damaged severely.

However, Windows registry is damaged or corrupted severely then it may raise problem in booting system. Hence, you may end up with huge data loss. If any of you have lost data due to Windows Registry and looking for solution to regain data then follow Remo Recover Windows application as it designed especially for Windows data recovery irrespective of reasons behind data loss.

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