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Mobile phones have become more of a necessity for us as we depend on mobile phones for everything. The reason for this change in our lives is because of the advent of smartphones. When you get everything you want from it, you depend on it a lot. You have two of the best mobile Operating systems fighting it out to give you the best user experience. Two of the major mobile operating systems are Android and iOS. People love their brands based on liking but in this case, both gives you solid reasons to like the product which makes the user to become a fanboy. Let’s see which the better OS of the two is:

iOS consists of a sleek and awesome interface which represents class. iOS 8 had a lot of features which was newly introduced. The only sad thing about the newly introduced iOS features is that Android gave us those features 4 years ago. Nexus 4 and Apple iPhone6 has comparatively same features which makes iOS go backward in feature introduction. Android is the boss in features.

iOS has a great sync ability which can make us to easily view all content of any device anywhere and anytime. This is such a great ability as everything you save in your laptop, reminders set in your phone or recording a program in your TV can all be done in one place. Android’s sync ability is almost the same as iOS but it has some little advancement to do. iOS is slightly ahead in this.

Look and Feel:
Android had pretty normal looks till 4.4 and during the introduction of Android L developer preview at I/O 2014, material design was introduced. A sleek, colorful and simple interface which looks like paper, this interface consist of simplified app designs making it faster and more efficient. iOS has a main plus in its looks as it has a unique  interface which looks stylish and great. iOS wins in the looks department.

Android has fluid performance because of its lightweight OS which can run smoothly on almost all phones. But Android phones tend to get slow over time in lower configuration devices. iOS runs smoothly and perfectly because the OS and phone are all blended perfectly to give you the best experience. Android is one step above in this as its flagship devices have a better configuration than it actually needs for smooth OS functionality. Both are good in performance but Android is fairly better than iOS.

You can get Android phones at a price lesser than 100$ but Apple doesn’t sell its phones at a cheaper price. That is why Android has a wider reach than iOS and Android is better than iOS in this.

Hence by these comparisons, you know Android is better than iOS. If you look more into features, go for Android. If you want your phone to look great and don’t care about the pricing, go for iOS.

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