Common Android Problems and Solutions

As we all know that Android phones are very popular and so much fun but you may encounter simple problems with it at one point or another. Here some of the very often-experiencing Android problems are discussed with solution. Go on reading…

The battery runs flat too fast

This is one of the most common problems faced in Android phones. In fact, this problem arises due to running many apps in background such as enabled Wi-Fi, GPS and setting screen brightness to max. Other reasons include playing more graphics enabled games etc. All these factors come to account to fail battery very soon. Even though if your phone’s battery is running flat you cannot charge it, therefore, you should turn on Power Saver and the best solution for this problem is using some battery app to manage apps.

A small popup menu does not appear after holding the power button

When you hold the power button for a few seconds a small popup menu should appear that consists of options such as Power off, Airplane mode and Restart. However, sometime phone stopped working and the cell phone does not react to holding the power button. This kind of problem can be easily solved by restoring factory settings. In order to accomplish this task go Settings > Backup and reset > Reset phone.

Backlight turns on and off on its own

This is not a serious problems but sometimes makes user feels annoying and makes disturbance for them in night. In order to resolve this problem, restart the phone by holding power button for a few seconds and go Settings > Backup and reset > Reset phone.

The phone does not respond at all

This problem obviously makes user to feel hectic for a few minutes and in such situation, you cannot do any operations until it comes to normal. In addition, waiting for a phone to respond is a waste of time. Therefore, restart phone by holding power button for few seconds or else remove battery, and place it again and start the phone. This solves the problem in most cases.

The screen orientation changes too often

In fact, this problem can be annoying for user, but you can easily resolve this issue by turning off auto rotate option. In order to accomplish this go to Settings > Display > uncheck Auto rotate screen.

SD card is no longer recognizing

Most users come across this problem when expansion cards are corrupted and may loss very essential data from it. The most effective resolution is to attempt to reformat the card in laptop or desktop using card reader. Once you done successfully, it starts responding properly and you can access data easily.

Above-mentioned problems are very often encountering in Android phones but still many problems you may face in your phone. I hope it will help you at certain situation whatever I have explained here. In addition, if you face data loss situations in Android phone external memory or internal memory, then in such situation you wish to restore them and this task can be easily achievable with the help of Remo Recover for Android as it is read only application and it efficiently get back all lost or deleted data in just few seconds.

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