Common Causes of an Invalid Boot Disk Error

Common causes of an Invalid boot disk error

I'm getting the following error when trying to boot my computer: 

“Invalid boot disk Insert a valid BOOT disk into drive A:”

I've tried all manual tricks; pressing buttons, inserting boot disks, etc. But nothing works!! What is this invalid Boot Disc error and what is the cause for it? Is there by any chance this would show up because of heat issues?

Invalid Boot Disk error has become common issue nowadays and most of you might have experienced it. Hence, this page aims at providing some useful information that one might need to be aware about this Invalid Boot disk error so that you could be able to fix the issue at the earliest.


General causes for Invalid Boot Disk Error

Invalid Boot Disk Error is one of the most common situation that is faced while system startup.  It is usually encountered when booting your computer. This error could occur due to many reasons, including virus infection, invalid disk, recent software or hardware installation, or hard drive failure and many more. Below are some of the reasons or causes that lead to this error message:

Invalid Disk Present: Sometimes your system might not have bootable disk. In other words, the disk present in the computer is not a valid boot disk (containing OS) or system disk. In such cases you will be prompted with this invalid boot disk error message. Just removing the disk and then restarting your computer would solve the problem.

Problems occurred while installing: Interruptions while installing or reinstalling the operating system, replacing the hard drive or motherboard etc. will cause this invalid boot disk error. Sometimes, improperly installed operating system will also result in the error. If you are lucky enough then, usage of the BIOS system tools may solve the issue.

Virus Infection: In case your computer is infected with a boot-sector virus like AntiCMOS.A then the system will display the invalid boot disk message. These Boot-sector viruses are often installed from an infected removable disk.

Usage of disk Management Software: At times your computer might use the hard disk management software like Disk Manager, EZ-Drive, or DrivePro etc. for performing hard disk geometry translation. But these tools provide support for large hard disks that are more than 1024 cylinders; but your computer’s Basic Input / Output System (BIOS) may not support large hard disks. In such cases this error message will be encountered.

Hard Drive Failure:  If the boot disk error is encountered repeatedly and not fixed at the earliest or even occurs unexpectedly or displays at times other than at the startup, then this may indicate the hard drive failure or damage.

Above listed are some of the commonly encountered reasons that caused Invalid Boot Disk error. As listed in the last point above, if this invalid boot disk error is encountered repeatedly then back up important files immediately; else your hard drive might crash in turn your data might become inaccessible or get lost. In such cases, if you want to restore our entire data back then you can use Remo Recover Software. This utility can easily restore your entire data from your hard drives even when they fail in just few mouse clicks.  In addition, you can easily carry out unbootable hard drive data recovery with the assistance of this efficient application. Also, this is a very good software if you experience data loss in Windows 7 or you come across disk error messages like ‘Device cannot be accessed, needs to be formatted’. If you come encounter a message like this remember there is a very simple procedure to get back data after disk format error in Win7.

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