How to Completely Get Rid of iPhone Battery Drain Problems?

Using the latest version of a software is always a good practice – until you face a serious issue with that version. This statement seems exactly true while talking about the recent issues after installing iOS 10.1.1 update on some iPhones. Although this issue has affected only a small number of iPhones, it’s a matter worth arguing about. So, before stating the solution for battery drain problems, let’s have a look at the actual scenario and some possible causes of the issue.

These are some of the reported problems:

  • Battery instantly drained from 30 per cent to zero
  • Phones automatically turned off at 30 percent battery
  • If the phones were switched off at 80 per cent of battery before night, it’d have completely depleted when trying to turn on in the morning.

And, these problems were reported in most of the iPhone models upgraded to iOS update 10.1.1. irrespective of the phone model.

In Apple official Forums, there are threads about this issues that’s been grown more than 40 pages till now.

It’s not saying that Apple hasn’t taken any serious action on these issues. A free battery replacement facility is available from November 20 for those who faced unexpected shutdown issues. But, it’s sure Apple hasn’t reached the gravity of the situation. This is evident from terms of the replacement program, as it says the battery drain has affected a limited number of iPhone 6s phones released between September and October this year.

What can you do to Prevail over iPhone Battery Drain Issues?

You can try to change different settings of your iPhone once you started facing this issue. Here are some of the ways you can try.

  • Turn off the option “Background App Refresh”.
  • Enable Location Settings for apps “while using” only.
  • Turn off “Raise to Wake” option to prevent automatic wake up of your iPhone.
  • Use “Low Power Mode

The numbers are not over yet. However, there’s no guarantee that any of these methods can give the ultimate solution. But, the method described below has definitely helped a good percent of people facing this issue.

Resolve your iPhone’s Battery Drain Issue within 5 Minutes by “Reset All Settings”

This option will reset some of the settings on your iPhone back to the original state. But, it won’t remove any apps or files present on your phone. Only the customizations you made on your apps will reset back to the initial state. So, if any app is using excessive battery power after this iOS update, this option can reset it. Here are the steps.

1. Open Settings menu on your iPhone. Select to General.





2. Choose Reset.

iphone battery drain issue


3. A number of options will be listed out. Make sure to choose the first option “Reset All Settings”. Your phone will reboot to complete the process.

iphone battery drain issue

This option removes all your customizations for the settings including General, Notifications, Sounds, Wallpaper, Privacy, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb.

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