How to convert MOV videos using iMovie

MOV is one of the Apple supported video formats proprietary for QuickTime. QuickTime- an inbuilt player available in all Mac versions and is well known for playback of MPEG-2 files. When compared to MPEG, MOV is somewhat lagged in scoring rife practice. This is because users face difficulty in playing MOV videos (edited on Mac) on computers that are running operating systems other than OS X. So, MOV files should be converted into a video format that supports even devices that don't fall into the category of Apple compatible one.

If you are in search of any method that converts your MOV file into a format that has extended support, then here is how you can do it. All you need to have is iMovie app- on your Mac. iMovie is a video editing tool that comes as a built-in application along with your Mac. You can use iMovie to easily change video format of your MOV file. So, let us see how you can use this integral editing software for video conversion.

So, all set? Do you have iMovie on your Mac machine? Then start following below-mentioned steps to convert your MOV video using iMovie.

Procedure to Convert MOV Video File with iMovie:

Step 1: Launch iMovie application. If you cannot find iMovie icon in dock, then go open Finder > choose Applications > click on iMovie icon from list of displayed apps

Step 2: Click on File menu and opt for New Movie from shown drop-down list

Step 3: Choose No Theme, if you are asked to select any theme

Step 4: Next, select Import Media option

Step 5: Pick the MOV video that you wish to convert and hit Import Selected button present at bottom-right of the screen

Step 6: iMovie will open your selected MOV video as a new Project. Now, go to application toolbar, choose File then select Share option from the drop-down list

Step 7: Now click on File button in the subsequent window and edit your preferences (if you desire) and hit Next button

Step 8: In next window, mention the location to save the converted video file.

Step 9: Finally, hit on Save button

Your iMovie file i.e. converted MOV video is now saved to the location, which you specified. Navigate to the location and play your video. However, it is suggested to work on a copy of MOV video file to avoid any damage to the file during the conversion process.

Few users experience playback issue after video conversion like the MOV file plays audio but no video. This might be due to errors or mistakes raised during file conversion. In case, even your converted video fails to play or you are facing any problem during video playback then go back to the original file and play it. If the original video is also showing issues, then it seems the file is corrupted and you need to repair it. Try Remo MOV Repair Tool to fix the corrupted video. This is an excellent way to resolve any issue of MOV video in a simple manner. The tool can repair MOV file recorded in Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Olympus, Panasonic, GoPro, Samsung, Sony, and many other camera brands. You can proceed to save the file, only if you are satisfied with the result.

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