How to convert videos to different formats?

Tech world is in its peak giving us wide variety of options. When it comes to video…. lots of formats available which actually makes us confused to decide which format for which player. Often we get prompts stating that “video format not supported!”

For example: "Fault Code 0xc00d36e5", how to fix this?

For a while we may not understand what is happening, you might be confused whether it is the video file or the player giving you trouble!!!

Why there is a need to change the video file format?

Compatibility is the reason behind this. We may use a video player which supports a set of video file formats, but the video we wish to play on the player may not be supported by the player. In this scenario the only option is to change the file format.


How to convert a video file without using a software?

Here I am going to tell you to convert a video file without installing a software in your unit. Isn’t that interesting?

Step 1: Open Control panel in your PC

Step 2: Click on Folder option (Win 7 and 8) or File explorer option (Win 10) from control panel.

Step 3: You will get a page with 3 options as General, View and Search. Click on View button

Step 4: Now you will get a list of options. Uncheck the High extensions for known file types option.

Step 5: Chick on apply and select OK. Close the command prompt.

Step 6: Right click on the file that you wish to convert and select Rename option. Now change the extension to the required file format.

(Eg: If you want to convert a video file with an extension of .avi, you can change it to .mp4)

Using this method, you can change your video file format to a different format.

If you are finding these steps complicated, you can also take the help of any software.Now a day you get online video converters for free or else you can also get software for trail version.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that to get a software from a trusted company, otherwise the video file may get corrupted after conversion as the probability for video files to get corrupted are more. If you damage your video file while converting video file then make use of Remo Video Repair Tool to easily fix the corruption and make your video playable.

Since I have already mentioned that video file can get corrupted after conversion, we can also fix corrupted video file too.

For performing this repair, you require a software, again a trusted one. I would like to recommend Remo MOV Repair tool or Remo AVI Repair tool. This software is user friendly and repairs your corrupted video file within no time.

Tips to download a trusted converting software

  • Check the review for that particular product
  • Rather than purchasing a software from the vendor, it’s always better to purchase it from a trusted website.
  • Check whether the software is having an active support and updates.



There are end number of software available in the market for video conversion. Before you purchase, research thoroughly about the software regarding its quality and its service provided by the developer, post purchase which is available 24/7.

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  1. Charles Berry says:

    Thank you for these instructions, really helpful!! But there is a little problem when converting a video to mp4 it doesn’t keep the audio. Any thoughts on what else I could check to fix this. I used to convert video with Acethinker Video Converter, never had that problem.

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