How to Create ISO Image of Disks on Windows

ISO files are images of physical disks on the computer. These images can be created out of CD/DVD or any physical disc. These files are a complete compilation of the CD or DVD in a single file. This file will be an image of the written sectors of the physical disc. This manual will explain how to create ISO image file from disc on windows.

An ISO image allows you to convert the physical unit of disks into virtual ones.

Creating an ISO image is a conventional practice for computer users from a long time. It is useful in many ways as per one’s need. You can create an ISO image of your disk containing old game files, a system image while transferring to a new computer. Many of the modern computers do not have CD/DVD drives, creating an ISO image of the bootable disc is one of the most famous practices in such scenario. There are many other instances when we feel the need to create an ISO image of a disc.

Windows however, does not offer any built-in method to easily create the ISO image. There are some other third party applications that can do the job. Most of the third party software is threat to your computer. But there are some good applications like PowerISO,  Infrarecorder, Demontools etc. that are recommended by most of the computer users. You can make use of these applications and start creating the ISO image of your disk.

How to create ISO image of Disc on Windows?

Here is what you need to do for creating ISO image of your disk;

  1. Get a good application and Install it in your computer.
  2. Use the application and create a copy of your disk.
  3. Alternatively, you can go to My Computer and select the drive you want to copy.
  4. Right Click on the Drive and Select the third party option.
  5. Click on Make an Image File option.
  6. Set the File name and format as ISO.
  7. Click OK to initiate the process.

How to Mount ISO Image File on Windows?

Windows offer an inbuilt facility for users to mount an ISO image in the computer. If you are using Windows 8 or 10, you have a built in way to mount the image file in the computer. You can follow any of the options listed below;

  • Right click on ISO image and select “Mount”.
  • Go to file explorer and select the file, go to the “disk image tool” option under the ribbon.
  • You can just Double Click the ISO image to mount it. This is not recommended as there might be other images of discs. This won’t allow the ISO image to mount.

The earlier versions of Windows like Vista and XP do not have the inbuilt feature of mounting of an ISO image. Thus if you are using one of the older versions, do use the same software that you used to create the ISO image. Or make use of some third party tool to mount your disc image.

Also while downloading any third party tool to create an ISO image, do notice the junkware, malware. So in case the software corrupts or deletes the file, can you recover iso files? Even if you can, it’s a good idea to use a clean tool. This may save your system to get affected and make a healthy and functional ISO image file.

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