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If you are looking forward to a fun weekend with your friends, or a team lunch with your office friends. The new Outlook is there for you on your iPhone to help you keep an update on all your stuff. Outlook released its new update recently with all the new and interactive features. The iPhone users can now create recurring events on iPhone with their new outlook calendar.

This recurring event calendar can be edited and maintained as per your convenience. It means that if you have any recurring events to attend or any activity that you perform on a regular basis. You can create an even calendar for that. This is one of the very interesting features of using Outlook now on your iPhone.

Along with the recurring event calendar, it allows users to access the Apple passbook files. This gives you an access to all you passbook files that you receive in your mail. Along with all these there is improved search feature in Outlook for your convenience.

To have a better analysis of this new update, we will discuss some of the important aspects. See how outlook lets you create recurring events on your iPhone.

Synchronize your Calendar

The new outlook for your iPhone had all the interesting features of synchronization with all your Facebook and online accounts like Evernote. This new function will allow you to synchronize your calendar to another level. With Outlook on you IOS, you can now sync your calendar with your favorite sports team. You can actually see all the events popping up on your phone with synchronized calendar.

You can get all the events into your iPhone.  And very likely, there will be other additions like TV shows. This calendar is available only for iPhone right now and only with office account. For other accounts like Gmail, AOL etc. it is likely to be available soon.

Attractive Icons

Outlook for the iPhone has introduced some of the amazing icons. Whenever you make an event, it will allow you to use an icon. This icon is likely to be relevant to your event. There are some default icons available initially.

Using icons is a great way making your calendar interactive and interesting.

Locate your Event on the Go

With the new outlook, you can actually locate the event just by typing the name of your event. So if you want to go to your next doctor’s appointment or watch your favorite team play. The calendar will help you navigate to your destination.

All you have to do is type the name of the location of your event during creating the calendar event. And at the time, you will be automatically directed to your destination.

Recurring Update and Skype Meeting

You can actually change the recurring appointments while traveling. This will allow you to edit or delete any recurring event in the calendar.

With the meetings scheduled at regular intervals, you can now manage your appointments. You can even edit the meetings that are recurring and also take the meeting with Skype. There is an option to add Skype meeting while adding an event in the calendar.

Attractive Date/Time Picker

The new Outlook for IOS has improved the way users pick date and time in the calendar. With this new date and time, picker users will find it easier and friendly while scheduling. These new pickers are intuitive and attractive too. This makes an easier and better way to create a meeting.

Long story short, the new Outlook for iPhone is designed to make scheduling and easier and fun. With the new Outlook users can create recurring events on iPhone.

There are instances while using Outlook in your device, cases of lost files and missing files from outlook. There are threats to your .pst and .ost files always. This makes some files inaccessible. It’s not a big issue; you can get a good tool for fixing outlook file which is not accessible.

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