Creative Ways to use SD Memory cards

Do you have few SD memory cards of your Smartphone or digital camera lying around? You have no idea what to do with them as they are no longer useful to you. Wait, don’t throw them as yet. You can re-purpose your old SD cards creatively to put them to good use.

Yes, your SD cards are not just limited to be used in phones and cameras. We tell you 3 cool ways to use SD Memory cards and get maximum benefits with your old SD cards…

  • Turn them into USB drives

Does your PC have a card reader attached to it? Then use your SD memory card as an extra storage for photos, and music. Also, if your TV has a SD card reader, then load the card with movies, photos, and plug it to your TV. Still, not every TV or PC has a card reader / SD card slot. However, they all have a USB port. So why not convert your SD card into a USB drive? Yes, you can do it.

With a SD card to USB adapter which is compatible with your card, you can turn your SD memory card into a portable USB drive! You can treat your SD card like an external drive when you plug it into USB adapter. You can encrypt the card to store private data, load mobile apps, boot devices which doesn’t boot to SD memory card, and so on. Also, every time you need a little space, carry the adapter along with some SD cards.

  • Power Up Old Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames use USB drives / SD cards for additional storage. So if you have one, then a SD memory card which you no longer wish to use can come in handy as the frame’s internal storage. So if you have few spare SD cards, then you can load them up with photos. Moreover, even if you are not in need of a digital picture frame, you can use them to gift someone, especially when the loaded images are important and meaningful.

  • Create an Alternative Boot Drive

As SD memory cards are quick, depending on their size, you can drop a full Windows or Mac OS installation on it to boot your computer. It comes in handy when you have to scan for viruses, need emergency boot media to troubleshoot issues, reset system password, and so on. Make sure to check your BIOS to know if your computer is capable of booting to SD card. You can run both Windows and Mac OS X off SD memory card, but both these operating systems will require more space. Try Linux as it is always a good option.

So if you thought that once your SD card is out of your camera / phone, there is nothing you can do with it, then this page is for you. Try to re-purpose your SD card and have fun using it creatively! On a side note, your SD memory card would get corrupted or damaged if mishandled, making data inaccessible. In such cases you need to recover data from SD card and then try to fix the issues with SD card. Take extra care while doing these processes.

Creative Ways to use SD Memory cards was last modified: December 6th, 2019 by John Harris

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