The Curious Case of Windows 10 Anniversary update

And it continues... The woes of Anniversary update are growing and solutions remain difficult to track down.

August 2nd, Microsoft rolled out Anniversary Update to celebrate twelve months of Windows 10 release. With this update came loads of new features, enhancements and innovations to its 350 million active devices worldwide. Soon after Anniversary update roll out, complaints like freezing of PC, BSoD and other issues started flooding on various blogs and forums.

Since a huge number of computers needs to get the update, Microsoft decided to roll it out gradually, so not everyone is going to get the Anniversary Update immediately.

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update - New Features, New Problems And Roll Backs….

Microsoft rolled out Anniversary update after opinions and rigorous testing from Insiders, to make sure everything runs smoothly this time around and give an enjoyable user experience. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Though new features like Windows Ink for stylus lovers and Cortana – more friendly personal digital assistant were exciting, enjoying part was elusive. To some extent this was inevitable because of so many configurations of PC’s, some users would face issues after the update.

Let’s See Some of the Problems After Installing Anniversary Update (Version 1607)

Freezing of PC’s topped the chart, followed by BSoD, issues with Xbox Controllers, PC’s just hang on the restart to name a few. Even two antivirus companies came out saying there might be compatibility issues with Windows 10 and might put users at the security risk. As problems started rising, solutions too were suggested. Like uninstalling and re-installing, disabling Secure Boot to complicated workarounds. But nothing seems to work.

How to Fix Problems After Anniversary Update?

Well, the only solution as of now is to roll back to the previous version. And this time, Microsoft made matters worse with regard to rolling back policy. Earlier, Microsoft gave 30 days to roll back to the previous build of OS to users who upgraded to Windows 10. Now, users are given only 10 days to reverse the process. So, roll back as soon as possible.

If you have lost any data during or after Anniversary update, using a data recovery software is the best solution.

How to Roll Back to Previous Version of Windows 10?

If you want to go back to pleasant days of Windows 10 version 1511, and still in the grace period of 10 days, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Choose 'Updates & Security' and from the sub-menu select 'Recovery'
  3. Under 'Go back to an earlier build' header click 'Get Started'
  4. Answer the feedback query with appropriate reason and click 'Next'
  5. Go through a series of the alerts and confirmations till the process begins
  6. Wait for some time and when completed you will be on Windows 10 version 1511
How to Roll Back to Previous Version for Unresponsive Windows 10 After Anniversary Update?

If you’re among those, whose PC freezes after startup, and desperately looking to roll back to the previous version, here’s the guide to downgrade Windows 10 Anniversary update.

  1. Hard restart your PC
  2. Press and hold Shift key and click the power button, click on restart button while still holding Shift key.
  3. Select Advance Option and click ‘roll back to previous build’ and follow steps from there.


If you still haven’t installed Anniversary update, it’s worth waiting until Microsoft fixes issues. It may take time but it’s the option to save yourself with the Anniversary update issues. If you have installed and out of grace period, there’s nothing much to do.

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  1. Chad Magendanz says:

    Biggest issue for me is that drag-and-drop in Outlook 2016 is now broken. This is essential for sorting incoming email into folders, and it takes about 4-5 tries for a drag to “catch”. Very frustrating!

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