Data recovery App for Android

Android is one of the biggest chefs that made the smart phones kitchen to smell yummy and serves the users with variety of delicious recipes at free of cost. Android is an open platform that any body can download, edit and update the stack of operating system on any device. This made the mobile and software industries to take a turn towards it.

Building data recovery App for Android

Though billions of applications are developed for smart phones on android platforms, “data recovery app” is still an out of reach fruit. This happens because the android operating system makes use of a stack of software piled up altogether. As to say the fact, there is no specifically designed file system for android. Instead it makes use of file systems developed or provoked by the mobile applications and device industries.

Where the road ends:

It uses variety of file systems, each with unique purposes and specific working strategies. Android at the base use “Yet another file system (Yaffs)” acronyming that it supports all the incoming file systems and provide rooms for it.

To be successive in the field of data recovery from storage devices needs a defined file system and its internal working strategy. So that the app can traverse its foot print and rebuilt the data structure successfully. Android deploys two different memories called internal memory and external memory.

Why external memories can and internal cannot?

The in-depth variance that separates them is, supported file system provided by the manufacturing companies. For example that different devices has different internal memories like Samsung galaxy ACE 2.2 has FAT16 where the Google Nexus S make use of Ext4 file system. It shows that a unique recovery application is not possible at means.

With respect to the external memories like memory cards and other mobile storage drives are not built in a way to support different file systems. For example a Bluetooth file system OBEX FTP has nothing to do with the memory card. The main purpose of the memory card is to store the files in bit value. When the file is prompted it just needs to provide access to the file. That’s all.

If so recovery is possible in external memory, how?

Normally the external memories make use of ExFAT and FAT file system. Both the file systems were widely used in supporting FTP call process. But to recover data from storage drives requires maximum cache memory to traverse and rebuilt the internal structure of data. This is not possible with the .apk files. But when the Android device is connected with PC with high cache memory and register memory than mobile devices recovering internal memory is possible. Hence, Android data recovery is possible if you connected your Android device to PC and then use a utility to recover.

On connecting the external memory with PC via USB we need a recovery tool that resides on the PC and recovers data from the external memory card. But at the same time it should be independent of the internal device memory as well. One of the tools that support this thing is Remo Recover for Android.

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9 comments on “Data recovery App for Android
  1. Alfred says:

    The fact that Android is an open source platform is the main reason why it has become the more popular platform, more so than i-phone. This has created a world wide revolution for developers to create all kinds of apps, from weather apps to the downright silly gadgets and games. But I guess no platform is perfect and there is always a need for a recovery app.

  2. Michele says:

    The more I read about the android the more I want one. I have been looking for awhile at what I was going to buy and this one has more features to it that I think will come in handy. And I love the fact that they are thinking of ways to recover data etc. are they doing the same thing with pictures and things like that?

  3. Floyd says:

    So what I am understanding is that although there are tons of apps for the android platform, from the very useful to the inane and funny, data recovery is an area that not many developers have taken on. Well, like everything else in the consumer market, sooner or later, developers will begin to make easy to use apps for the consumer market. All that has to happen is for one developer to generate great profit from such an app and this copycat industry will follow.

  4. Rodney says:

    Finally someone posted something to help the windows users recover stuff. Your article covers a lot more than that as well and I have to say you did a great job. It looks great and it holds your attention, the colorful icons really help with that aspect , is this what they look for when they are online and want to find these programs?

  5. Greg says:

    I wonder if this technique would work on any other phones or if this is something that android pinned the market with so that everyone has the same problem and comes to android to get it fixed. Keep up the good work on your posts that was very informative and I am going to pass this on to my Iphone friends and see what they think.

  6. Carlotta says:

    Like most people, I shudder at the very sound of the words, data recovery. It makes me cringe because if it is of any concern to me, chances are that would indicate I just either completely lost or lost access to some important data. For whatever silly reason, I didn’t think you could experience data loss on mobile devices, but I should have known better. Any storage device is susceptible to this and therefore, we need good solutions and tools for these situations.

  7. Bobby says:

    Now surely if they have this for the Android they have something similar for the Iphone right? Why is it that you don’t hear about things like this ahead of time? I bought the Iphone a few months ago because it was the popular thing to do but now I wish that I had gone with the Android for so many reasons. Keep posting this and rubbing it in will ya?

  8. Elton says:

    Floyd you are so right there isn’t any one out there right now that has an original thought come out of their heads, if you check back I am sure that even Android is coping this idea form someone else. And yes who ever doesn’t have this app will have one soon because everyone will copy cat it so that they don’t lose sales to the Android.

  9. Adrian says:

    It is amazing what you can do with your phone these days, it is almost like you don’t need a computer anymore because you have everything you need right at your finger tips. Thank you for showing us the capabilities that this android has because I am looking at a new phone and this will help in their favor. Great post thanks again.

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