How To Find and Delete Duplicate Files on Mac?

Do you ever feel that your Mac is running out of storage space and you are unable to figure out why is it happening? It might be due to duplicate files. Duplicate files have been a major concern for Apple users across various platforms from MacBooks to iMacs.

There also have been a lot of reports where a user opens the file finder and they end up finding 3 to 4 copies of the same file. So, why are your Mac duplicating files?

The instant way to Find Duplicate Files on Mac

Why is my Mac Duplicating Files?

In the majority of situations, duplicate files are circumstantial. For example, you download a file you use it and forget where you save it. Later, when you cannot find the same file you end up downloading it again.

In some cases, the files which are synced over various devices might result in duplication.

For example, if a file is stored on your Mac but also gets synced over to your iPhone or iPad. Modifying or altering the file on another device other than Mac might create a copy of the modified file on Mac.

Nevertheless, how these files are created, finding duplicate files on Mac is really a tedious job.

How Can I Find Duplicate Files on Mac?

You can find the duplicate files on Mac using the Smart folder feature which is available in Finder.

  • Go to Finder > Apple Menu > File > New Smart Folder

Goto finder to remove duplicate photos

  • In the new smart folder on the top right corner, you will find the “+” click on it and select the search parameter.
  • With the help of a search parameter, you can find duplicate files based on date, file name, and file type.

However, to find all the duplicate files you need to remember file parameters. Additionally, this is really inefficient, or as an Apple user would say it is not a streamlined way to find duplicate files and also to clear duplicate photos on Mac.

So, what is the streamlined way to delete all the duplicate files on Mac? Remo, one of the best duplicate file remover applications that can automate the entire deleting of the duplicate files on the Mac process.

How to delete all duplicate files on mac?

To instantly delete all the duplicate files on Mac you need a Remo Mac Duplicate File Remover.

Remo is a streamlined tool that can segregate all the duplicate files by comparing file parameters such as file name, file type, created date, etc.

Additionally, Remo duplicate file remover can also implement bit by bit comparison in between files to detect the duplicate files.

Steps to Delete all the Duplicate files from Mac

  • Download and install the Remo Duplicate File Remover for Mac. Launch the tool and click on Scan Drive.

remo duplicate photo remover

  • Select the drive and click on the scan.

Select drive to remove duplicate photosAfter scanning the drive, Remo will segregate all the duplicate files on one single window. Where you can preview, compare the duplicate files, and retain what is important.

Remo duplicate photo remover

Remo will also provide you with a preview option that will allow users to compare between the duplicate files and delete all the duplicate files with a single click.

Remo duplicate file remover

Additionally, if you are looking for a smart way to delete duplicate photos on the iPhone click here.

Best Tool for Management of Your Storage Space on Mac.

Bit by Bit Comparison: 

Using bit by bit comparison algorithm, Remo Duplicate File Remover can intelligently segregate all the duplicate files even though file parameters such as file name, date created are different. Manually which is impossible to detect.

Single Step to Preview and Delete:

Since Remo Duplicate File Remover consolidates all duplicate files on a single window, it is extremely easy for a user to compare between the duplicate files.

It will also provide users with a preview option, that will allow users to compare the duplicate files side by side.

Additionally, you mark all the duplicate files and delete them all at once.

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