How to Delete Duplicate Files and Photos on Windows 10?

The world is moving extremely fast with 5G internet speed and gigabytes of data being generated rapidly every second. No wonder the storage capacity of your computers and smartphones are getting bigger in size. Now, let us put duplicate files and photos into that precious storage space on your computer.

People who have faced this issue know that removing or deleting duplicate files from Windows computers isn’t a walk in the park. Do not worry, this article helps you to get rid of all the duplicate photos and files to declutter your storage space for you.

Why Manually Deleting the Duplicate Photos or Files is Risky?

When you manually delete the duplicate files or photos you are actually putting your own data at risk. This is because you cannot decide which file is duplicate by just looking at the file name. There are chances that you might end up deleting another version of a file by the same name which was created by some application you use on your computer.

Hence, it is always recommended not to manually find and delete duplicate files from your Windows computer or any other devices.

How Do I Find Duplicate Files on My Computer?

Now that you know manually finding and deleting duplicate files on your computer is not an ideal thing to do. You have to find duplicate photos and files using a duplicate file finder software.

Although you will have a list of duplicate file remover software that claims to be the best tool to remove duplicate photos, you cannot take a chance with your precious data at stake. However, we have made your job easy with the most sought tool across the web.

Remo Duplicate File Remover is the most reliable tool to find and remove duplicate photos and files on your Windows computer in no time.

Developed by Remo Software which is very well known for its data recovery software across the globe, you can always be sure of the safety of your files when you are using Remo Duplicate File Remover to get rid of duplicate photos and files.

Remo Duplicate File Remover can help you declutter your storage space on your Windows computer by finding and deleting duplicate photos and files in 2 clicks only. The software also is the cheapest tool out there with a premium service.

Click on the Buy button below and clear the clutter now.

Important note: Do not put your data at stake by underestimating the risk involved in using untrustworthy software that claims to be completely free.

How do I delete duplicate photos and Files in Windows 10 using Remo Duplicate File Remover?

To find and delete duplicate photos and files on Windows 10, download and install Remo Duplicate File Remover on your computer and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Launch the Remo Duplicate Photo remover and choose between Scan Drives or Scan Folders on the main screen
    delete duplicate files from Windows
  • Select the drive or folder depending on the option chosen in step 1 and click on Scan
  • After completion of the scanning process, you can see a list of file types displayed on the left. Each of the file types can be expanded to explore the found duplicate sets.
  • Refine the scan results to find the duplicate photos and files and click on Delete after marking the files and photos you want to delete.

3 Best Reason to Choose Remo Duplicate File Remover:

  • Delete Duplicates Quickly and Efficiently:
    Built with a robust scan engine Remo Duplicate File Remover is the quickest tool to find and delete duplicate videos, audio, photos, documents, etc in no time.
  • Evaluate and Delete:
    With a preview option that lists all the duplicate files post scanning your drive or folder, you can select the files that you want to delete.
  • Declutter your Mac and Android Smartphones:
    You can use Remo to delete duplicate files from Mac computers with the same seamless performance and sleek design. The tool is also available for free on Google Play Store for Android users.

Final Thoughts:

Duplicate files and photos on your computer not only affects the storage space but also will have a chain effect that finally brings down the performance of your computer. Hence, taking quick actions to get rid of duplicate files is a wise move. Let us know if you were able to remove duplicate files from your computer with the help of this article in the comment section below.

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