Difference Between Black, Blue, Red and Purple WD SSD and HDD

You might have purchased the Western digital hard drive once or twice, or may be a number of times. There is a peculiar classification of these hard drives by the manufacturer. They come in color coding as WD Black, WD Blue, WD red and WD Purple. If you have not noticed it, try to notice the next time you see these hard drives. Most users wonder what can possibly be the difference between black, blue, red and purple WD SSD and HDD? This is a simple and effective move to differentiate among various hard drives from Western Digital.

There is a significant difference between the WD color coded HDDs and SSDs. They differ in various aspects from RPM to redundancy and performance. The most important factor in which they are distinguished from each other is their prices. Here are some of the important points to consider while comparing among these storage units from WD.

Since the market has been so inclined toward the SSDs from past few years, the use of HDDs has declined to a great extent. Some of the most used computers are using SSD as a primary storage. But there are still some computer enthusiasts who prefer HDDs for their computers. Users who like to use high capacity gaming computers prefer to use HDDs. Some of the systems that run simulations are also equipped with HDDs.

Difference Between Black, Blue, Red and Purple SSDs, and HDDs

All the drives WD Black, blue, red and Purple use the SATA interfacing for interaction with the processor. All of the drives use SATA III interface to interact with the system.

A number of times users have asked the same question related to western digital hard drives. The primary concern of any user is can data be recovered from Western digital hard drive? The answer would be a positive. With the use of any external software, you can recover all the data that has been lost from your Western Digital hard drive.

The capacity for all the drives varies from 500GB to 6 TB for Western Digital Blue and Black, while the Western Digital Red has 750 GB to 8 TB of capacity. The WD purple has a storage capacity that varies from 500 GB to 8 TB of memory.

The most important factor for some of the users is transfer capability or the transfer speed, this is different for every hard drive in WD. For WD blue, the transfer speed is 175 MB/s for a 6 TB model, where the speed for a WD black is 218 MB/s for a 6TB drive. The WD red and purple share the same data transfer speed of 178 MB/S for their 8 TB models. This is the most important aspect of differentiating among these drives.

The other properties that separate these hard drives include their rotation speed or the RPM. The speed for WD blue is 5400- 7200 RPM whereas that of aa WD black is 7200 RPM which is the upper limit for WD blue. The other drives have their unique speeds with regard to operation. WD Red and Purple share the same speed of 5400 RPM.

The Western Digital manufactures these drives with warranty period for each of the drives. Some of the most important factors that attract the customers involve the warranty period for each hard drive. For Western Digital blue, the warranty is 2 years, whereas the warranty period for WD black is 5 years.  The other two WD red and WD purple share the same warranty period of 3 years.

In a short note, each one of the Western Digital Hard drives is quite good to work on. You can prefer any one of the Blue, Black, Red or purple WD drives as per your requirement. The cost of these hard drives is comparatively similar to each other and varies as per the capacity.

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