DIY: 5 Must Try Methods To Recover Deleted Files

If you are trying to recover deleted files, you are not the first. Quite a lot of people accidentally delete files and successfully recover them using various methods.

However the chances of deleted file recovery greatly depend on how the storage medium is handled after the files are deleted.

“It is highly recommended to stop using the hard drive or at least the partition from which the files have been deleted. Follow the same caution for any storage media like memory cards, USB drives and portable drives.”

Strictly follow the above caution and you clear the first step in restoring deleted files. As the deleted files are now safe from being over written, we now proceed further to discuss how to undelete files for free.
Bonus Tip: Stick to the end of the article to get an amazing tip on recovering unsaved or deleted Microsoft Office files.

As there are multiple free ways to get back deleted files, this write-up briefly compares each deleted file recovery method in the terms of difficulty and time consumption. Use these parameters and recommendations to know the easiest and fastest way to recover deleted files among the following:

Method 1: Recovering deleted files from Recycle Bin

Method 2: Restoring deleted files in Windows 10 using System Restoe

Method 3: Retrieving deleted files from File History backup

Method 4: Undelete files using a good file recovery software

Method 5: Bonus Tip on Office files recovery

5 must try methods to recover deleted files


With an unparalleled speed, Remo Recover can quickly recover all the deleted files by employing an efficient scan algorithm that supports more than 300 file types. Download free file recovery tool demo and retrieve deleted files in just 4 clicks.


Method 1:  Restore deleted files from Recycle Bin

Difficulty: Low

Average time taken for file recovery: Moderate to Low

Recommendations: This method doesn’t work in case of emptied Recycle Bin.

It is quite obvious to go looking for deleted file in Recycle Bin or Trash folder in Mac. Here’s how to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin:

  • Open Recycle Bin from desktop
  • Find the deleted files you are trying to restore
  • Right-click on the file and select Restore

recover files from recycle bin


If you don’t find the deleted file you wish to restore, Recycle Bin might be emptied or files might have been disposed from the bin as the folder is already full. Refer to the fourth method to know how to recover files from recycle bin after emptying.

Did you know?

The size of Recycle Bin can be customized. Hence if the deleted files exceed the specified maximum size, Recycle Bin is designed to dispose old files to make space for new ones. In this way existing deleted files can be lost before Recycle Bin recovery.

"The challenge of finding lost files is no more a mystery, use deep scan in Remo Recover to look for files disregarding the file system. This scan mechanism implemented by the deleted file recovery software scavenges for files buried beyond the reach of file system. Download the demo now!!"


Method 2: Recover deleted files in Windows 10 using System Restore

Difficulty: Moderate

Average time taken for file recovery: Moderate

Recommendations: Only works if the restore point is created when the file existed on the computer. Wisely choose system restore date to avoid losing additional files that you recently saved.

When you create a System Restore point, the computer takes a snapshot of the registry and system files. A restore point creation can be automatic or manual.

When you select the desired restore point according to date and proceed, all the changes like settings and files are reverted to a state when the restore point is created. In the process System Restore also recovers deleted files from Windows 10.

How to perform free file recovery in Windows 10 using System Restore:

  • Type System Restore in the Windows search box and select Create Restore Point suggestion
  • Select System Restore from the System Properties window
    recover files using system restore
  • Click on Next from the setting screen
  • From the list of  points choose the date accordingly to perform deleted file recovery and then click on Next
    select restore point
  • From the last screen select Finish, the system will restart and the deleted files are retrieved

confirm resotre point

If you could not find the appropriate restore point or if your deleted files are not recovered, you will need Remo file recovery tool. This file recovery software deeply scans the computer hard drive and recovers permanently deleted files in just a matter of minutes.

youtube logo Trouble reading? Check out this video on how to recover deleted files using Remo Recover.

Method 3: Retrieving deleted files in Windows 10 using File History back up

Difficulty: High

Average time taken for file recovery: High

Recommendations: Only works if File History was previously enabled.

File history backup is an exceptional feature in Windows 10. When File History is enabled, the computer takes back up of files and folders with respective old and new versions on to external storage device or network. The external storage device can be a USB drive or SD card.

Depending upon the frequency of backup this feature demands the external drive to be connected to the computer all the time. Hence if you haven’t had the chance to connect the external drive before you deleted the file, this feature may not be of much use. Cases like this, use a trusted file recovery software to retrieve files that are deleted.

How to recover deleted files in Windows 10 using File History:

  • Type File History in the Windows search box and select Restore your files with File History
    restore file from file history
  • Click on History button to find all the backed up files and folders
  • Choose the deleted file or folder corresponding to the date and click on Restore

Method 4: Undelete files using a good file recovery software

Remo Recover: Simple, quick and most reviewed file recovery software

Simple: Perform deleted file recovery in 4 clicks

Quick: Takes only a few seconds to generate a tree of recoverable deleted files

Most reviewed: With more than a million downloads so far, Remo Recover has been greatly reviewed and trusted for its efficiency.

With 300+ supported file types, Remo Recover can quickly recover deleted files like images, audio, documents, Photoshop files etc.

Be it recovering deleted files after Recycle Bin is emptied or recovering accidentally deleted files, this tool is the one stop integrated solution.

Designed with a robust scan engine, the deleted file recovery software glides through every sector of the hard drive to look for deleted files and list them for recovery.

The tool also has deep scan that uses an in-built algorithm that precisely identifies unique file signature, and completely disregards the file systems to enhance recovery chances of deleted files.

Recover deleted files for free after downloading and installing demo version. Later save them by getting a license key.

4 simple steps to recover deleted files

Step 1: Launch the application and select Recover files option from home screen

Step 2: In the next screen choose the Recover Deleted Files from which files haven deleted

recover deleted files


Step 3: Now select the drive from which you have to recover deleted files and click on next to start scanning process.

select drive to recover deleted files


Step 4:  After scanning is completed, a list of recoverable files is displayed. With the help of filters, choose the deleted file you wish to recover and save them.

save recovered deleted files


Bonus Tip on Office file recovery:

Method 5: How to recover unsaved or deleted Microsoft Office file

#Note: Works only for Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications that have AutoRecover enabled

The first place to look for a deleted file in a word application is the Recent Documents under File tab. If you haven’t found the desired file to recover, select File tab after opening a random Word file.

Choose the Info>Manage Documents>Recover Unsaved Documents. Now browse the deleted file you wish to recover and click on Open to successfully recover deleted files. Follow the same procedure for PowerPoint and Excel.

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