DIY Guide to Recover Data from Damaged Partition

What all would you try to undo the damage done to your hard drive and recover data?

The answer is almost anything that is feasible. That is the value that data holds in one’s world. Damaged partition would mean losing access to a big chunk of important data stored on the computer. In this article you will find feasible DIY ideas to repair and recover data from damaged partition.A partition is just a logical segment created on the hard disk to make efficient use of the hard drive space. Damage to such partition can cause serious data loss. Recovering data from damaged partition can be tricky and with no proper guidance, instead of performing damaged partition recovery you might further increase the damage.

Hence it is strongly recommended to repair the damage done to the partition and then perform recovery.

What is the recommended way to recover data from damaged partition?

As mentioned above you can always use a trusted and tried partition recovery software to recover data from damaged partition. But before getting to use a software to recover damaged partition data, it is recommended to implement free method to execute damaged partition recovery using CHKDSK command. Hence the  recovery process involves two steps:

  1. Repairing damaged partition
  2. Recovering data from damaged partition

Do you feel its too much of steps to follow all the steps to perform damaged partition recovery? Does it feel too risky to try all the manual methods on your important data? Waste no time, make use Hard Drive Partition Recovery Software to quickly recover data from damaged partition.

Whether it is a lost partition, corrupt partition or a damaged partition, the powerful scan engine of Remo Recover can locate and restore all your lost data. Click the download button below to get your hands on the free trial version of Remo Recover Windows pro.


Step 1: How to repair damaged partition before performing  partition recovery?

A partition is said to be damaged when your operating system fails to detect it. Due to the damage, entire partition might go missing or corrupted. Trying to recover data from damaged partition without repairing it might not yield you the expected results.

Repairing damaged partition on Windows computer is a simple process. Follow the below-mentioned steps to repair damaged partition:

  • Open Start menu and type cmd
  • Right-click on cmd.exe and select Run as administrator
  • Type chkdsk *: /f /r /x [ * refers to the drive that you want repair]

This will start the process of repairing damaged partition. After completion of the repair process, you can restart your computer and check if the damage done to the partition is repaired. If you are able to access the partition, start recovering lost partition and its data by transferring the files from repaired partition to a healthy partition or an external drive.

This way you can have all your data saved and delete the repaired partition to avoid any potential corruption that might occur during usage in the future.

If in case you still are not able to access or find the partition you now can proceed to recovering inaccessible partition using Remo Recover Pro.

Remo Recover is the most reviewed partition recovery software available across all platforms of Windows operating system. The tool seamlessly recovers data from severely corrupt and irreparable partition types like NTFS, HFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT drives on both Windows and Mac operating

Distinctive features of Remo Partition Recovery Software:

  • Ensures recovery of data from lost, deleted and corrupt partitions
  • Powerful scan engine that is quick enough to recover data from hard drive, SSD, SD cards and other storage devices.
  • Easy to use interface and minimum hardware requirement to make partition recovery possible on any computer and user
  • Unique search option based on file signature to search and recover specific files
  • Preview option to see the recoverable files before saving on them.

Step 2: Step by Step Guide to recover data from damaged partition

Before starting with the steps Download and Install Remo Partition Recovery Software on your computer and do the following steps:

  • Launch the software and select Recover Drives from home screen to begin damaged partition recovery
  • In the next screen click on Partition recovery an option specifically designed for damage and corruption in the partition
    select drive to perform damaged partition recovery
  • From the list of displayed devices select the storage device which has or had the damaged partition and click on next
    select physical drive to recover data
  • The Software will search for the lost partitions and list them. Select the partition which requires you to perform damaged partition recovery and click on next
    found partitions to restore data
  • In the next screen you can specify the file types that you want to recover. For example if you are looking to recover an audio file select: Music and Video
    file type to be recovered
  • If the file type you are looking for is not available you can click on Add File type to search and recover the file
    add file type
  • After adding the file type click on next to start Scan process
    scanning process
  • After completion of the scanning process, the Partition Recovery Software will list the recoverable files from the damaged partition. You can toggle between Data Type View and File Type View to have look on your data
    data view of recovered data
  • If you can search for the file you are looking for by clicking on Find
    Find recovered files from damaged partition
  • The Software facilitates a Preview of restored data from damaged partition
    preview of recover data from damaged partition
  • Click on Tools and select  Save recovery session to save the recovery session which rules out the need to scan the drive again
    save recovery session
  • At last, you can Save the retrieved data from damaged partition on to the desired location.
    save recovered data from damaged partition on to desired location

What are the most common reasons behind Partition Damage?

There are various issues that contribute to causing partition damage. Some of the most common causes are as mentioned below:

  • Partition Table Damage: A partition table is a table on disk consisting the details about all the partitions on the disk. Any damage to this table will result in partition damage or loss making all your important data inaccessible.
  • Improper Partition Handling: Improper partition handling refers to resizing of the partition which is a risky process. A user should be well aware of partition resizing, any improper resizing or any errors may be lead to Partition loss.
  • Virus Infection: A virus infection is one of the most common reasons behind data loss. With the advent of technology virus and malware are turning out to be advanced and complex. Hence virus infection has become a big threat to hard drives in causing partition loss.
  • Improper System Shutdown: When unexpected system shutdown occurs while you are performing read or write operation on the hard drive can lead to serious data loss. Unexpected system shutdown is commonly due to frequent power surge.
  • Other reasons: Some of the other reasons that are responsible for data loss or partition damage: Repairing disk using CHKDSK after disk defragmentation, abnormal BIOS update, file system corruption or a defective software installed on your hard drive.

How to avoid data loss due to partition damage?

You cannot anticipate a virus attack or a partition corruption but you can certainly take necessary steps to avoid damage to partition. Following steps will not only help you to avoid data loss but also to protect your partition from getting damaged:

  • Always take backup of your data at regular intervals to avoid data loss
  • Protect your computer with a trusted antivirus software
  • Take a backup of data before performing Partition resizing or shrinking
  • Have power backup to avoid power surge causing data loss
  • Keep your computer away from all defective software that can damage your partition.

Final Thoughts on Damaged Partition Recovery:

The process of recovering data from damaged partition is quite a big task if proper guidance is not provided. The article hence talks about all the necessary steps to perform both damaged partition repair and damaged partition recovery.

It is always recommended to make use of a trusted partition recovery software like Remo Recover to recover data from damaged partition. Do let us know your thoughts on damaged partition recovery in the comment section below.

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