Do's and Don'ts for Your Computer Safety

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The computer plays an important role for users to store data such as videos, pictures, office data, and other personal data. Therefore, the user needs to take care of their system in a good manner. Below some of the do’s and don’ts are mentioned to keep computer safety.Do’s

  • Provide proper power supply: You can run the system properly and avoid system crashes by providing a proper power supply.
  • Use UPS: While you are working on a system if a sudden power goes off then the system shuts down suddenly and may lead to data loss. Therefore, use UPS to provide a power supply to your system.
  • Do install Windows and Antivirus/Anti SpyWare updates: Virus and other malware threats easily enter your system when you share data from the infected system and downloading data, software, etc from untrustworthy sites. Later, these threats result in loss of data. Therefore, keep updating the antivirus tool and scan system regularly.
  • Do shutdown properly: When you wish to turn off the system use the proper shutdown procedure and try not to directly switch off the power button. In case if done so then there are chances of losing data stored on it.
  • Keep Firewall on: While browsing the internet turn on the firewall option in the browser settings, that you use. This will block you from visiting virus and malware-attacked websites.
  • Keep OS updated: By keeping your updated you never come across system problems and increase the system’s performance and throughput. If you are using a lower version of the operating system, try upgrading to Windows 10 or macOS Catalina
  • Delete unnecessary files: Keeping unnecessary files and folders consumes memory space and unwanted applications slow down the system’s performance by consuming RAM memory. Therefore, keep deleting unwanted files and applications from the system. If accidentally delete the wrong file you need not sweat as there are methods to recover deleted desktop files and folders.
  • Keep PC in a well-equipped place: Keeping the PC in a well-equipped place will ensure no physical damage happens to it. In addition, maintain room temperature as it ensures no heat pressure will be created in the system and keeps the device from overheating.

In the process of deleting unnecessary files, if you encounter a situation where you have permanently deleted important files unknowingly, you still have a chance of recovering the data. With effective tool such as Remo data recover software, your data can be retrieved regardless of any reason for which the data is lost. Download and try the software for free now.


  • Don’t Install deceitful utilities: Installing deceitful applications on the system may affect the file system and other data stored on it. Therefore, before installing any applications make sure that is free from virus and malware threats.
  • Don’t install multiple OS: installing multiple OS in the same system slows down the system’s performance and there might be chances of a sudden OS crash which results in an inaccessible hard drive.
  • Don’t Store anything on your Desktop: Keeping files and folders on the desktop will increase the system booting time and slow down the system’s performance.

By following above mentioned do’s and don’ts, you can keep the computer in safety and can data loss scenarios. However, some scenarios such as accidental deletion, formatting hard disk which makes you lose huge data loss. In case lost data is very important for you then use Remo Recover Windows software to restore them. This tool also comes handy to recover documents from Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP in a simple way.

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