Do’s and Don’ts While Using Android

When you consider any device then there are certainly dos and don’ts which need to be followed by the users so as to keep the device performance reliable. Similarly for Android devices you have some precautionary measures that need to be followed. In this you will find some of the easy tips following which can make your Android device work effectively.

While using any electronic gadget you might have observed that as time gradually passes the performance of the device also gets reduced! Why is this so? Will this remain forever or it may still worsen? It depends on the user itself. In case the device is not optimized or maintained properly then these issues worsens else if fixed at the earliest then you could enjoy your new Android speed again. There are many ways by which you can rehabilitate the device performance.

Every Android device has its own capability and limitations thus using the device in such a way that it crosses it limitations can reduce the performance of the device. For example consider that you have installed an app which is compatible with your Android device but consumes much of your device’s resources, in this situation it’s obvious that your device performance will get reduced. Hence, here are some of the Dos and Don’ts that need to be followed while using any Android device:


  • Every app installed on your Android device will consume some amount of memory thus uninstall unnecessary apps and remove unwanted data from your device so that your device can work efficiently
  • Frequent restart of device is recommended because by this there will some kind of performance enhancement. Before restart or shutdown of device make sure you close all the apps properly and then perform restart or shutdown so that the apps do not clutter after restarting the device
  • At times it is noticed that most of the users upgrade to new operating system whenever it is released, therefore don’t hurry up; wait for reviews because sometimes there may be bugs in upgrade which could hinder your device performance


  • Rooting a device is not suggested by Android manufactures; however Android device allows you to root the device whenever you think that the source of data in known to you, but most of the malfunctions are created by rooting a device therefore avoid rooting your device
  • Do not download data or install apps from untrustworthy websites as there may be virus intrusion or other malfunctions eruption which can damage other data on the device
  • If you are using external storage device such as memory card then do not eject it abruptly as this can cause corruption of the card

These are some of the basic tips that help manage your Android device effectively. In case your Android device is slow and needs to increase its speed and enhance Android performance use Remo MORE, the best app to speedup Android device in just one click. The tool can easily clear all useless apps, junk data, kill unwanted background apps etc. and increase to maintain and enhance your Android device performance.

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