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Do’s & Don’ts after Data Loss

What will you do Right after a Data Loss Incident? You just have to face it! The disaster has already happened and all your important documents, pictures or media collection seem to be gone. With this data loss incident, you will be distressed and worried about what to do next. When people face such situations, they tend to create blunder by performing stupid activities like restoring the systems etc. are you aware that these activities would lead to permanent loss of all those lost data. So, what should one do after losing the data? To know the details just read

Do’s and don’ts for protecting your laptop

Nowadays, many users buy laptop due to its portability and comfort ability features in using, and they are using it to store their personal data such as photos, official data, videos and other data stuff. In order to retain data for longer time, we need to take care of laptops. Follow below mentioned dos and don’ts for protecting your laptop. Do read and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on battery use: Many users own laptops due to its comfort ability and portability in use. These features are available when your battery backup is good. In case your laptop battery backup is

Do’s & Dont’s while using iPod device on different computers of different OS

Nowadays, many people are fond of using iPod devices due its advanced features and because of its designed in listening music. iPod devices are categorized into iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Touch. iPod Touch devices is the latest one and it is consists of hard disk. If you are new to iPod and first time connecting your iPod to PC or Laptop then follow some of instructions for handling iPod when you connect to other devices of different OS. Follow below mentioned instructions while using an iPod device on different computers of different OS Always eject iPod

Do’s & Don’ts while dealing with Outlook PST file

Outlook is a very powerful program that is used for communication in corporate workplaces. It is Office email client developed by Microsoft for sending, receiving and managing your mails and other data. IT uses a special type of file called PST file that maintains all your Outlook data. But these Outlook PST files can go weird at times at times due to improper maintenance or some unknown errors. You may encounter some situations in which you might lose your PST file or your PST file might get corrupt. This results in loss of your vital emails, contacts and other Outlook

Do’s & Don’ts of Data Recovery

In this era of modern technology computer data is very important. A data in a computer can be of anything like business documents, music, movies, software’s, video clips, game files etc. These data files are very important as it can easily be a reason for a company’s growth, a project to run successfully etc. However many a time users take wrong steps which results in data loss from their computer or any other storage device, but to overcome such data loss mishaps this article provides you the Do’s and Don’ts of data recovery. Do’s: RELAX Do try to back up

Safeguarding your external hard drive

Nowadays, users use external hard disk due to shortage of space in internal hard disk to store data and to backup their vital files safely and securely. By connecting external hard disk to PC or laptop using either USB connections, you can share files from PC to external hard disk or vice-versa. Moreover, you can use these disks to backup your vital files safe and secure. Data stored on external hard disk can be lost at any situation due to file corruption, virus attacks and many other reasons. Therefore, it is better to safeguard your external disk at your own

5 things to prevent data loss

Data loss is the most depressing situation for anyone who uses systems to store their data. There is no one reason for this data loss; it can happen at any time, sometimes it even becomes unavoidable. I know, there’s nothing much frustrating than losing your vital document on which you had spent weeks. But it’s only to lose them just because of your small mistake or due to some unknown reasons. Have you ever experienced such instances? Then act fast! It’s time to think of protecting your data from such disastrous situations. Listed below are 5 easy things which can

Do’s & Don’ts for Using USB Flash Drives

USB device is called as the first successful disciple of flash technology. IBM and M-Systems released the first model USB model drive with a name “DiskOnKey”. At first, the size was only 8 MB. When compared with a floppy drive it was 5 times larger. Later more advancement came in and the technology improved simultaneously.Along with it many vulnerable related issues also raised accordingly. Few tips to handle USB flash drives: First of all don’t unplug the USB flash drive abruptly or in a hurry. In case if the operating system uses the data inside the USB drive at the

What are the do’s and don’ts while using MS PowerPoint files?

As we all know PowerPoint files the special type of files developed by Microsoft which can contain media elements like embedded sounds, pictures, animations etc. They are mainly used in  educational institutions or corporate companies and by marketing professionals, trainers, teachers etc. as it provides the clear view of the presentation to the audiences. It utilizes high graphical approach of including charts, pictures, sounds, animations and many others. When you use PowerPoint files, one should be very cautious as it contains graphical content in it. In case you are planning to prepare one or have already prepared but need to