Easiest way to Re-install Windows OS without Losing Data

Virus and malware attacks are one of the major reasons behind corruption of Windows Operating System. Due to this issue, the system’s performance becomes very slow, and the application will delay opening. Therefore, the user wants to re-install the existing OS without losing existing data and makes the system to work efficiently.

Reinstall Windows OS with out Losing Data

In case you do not know how to reinstall OS without losing data, then follow below-mentioned guidelines and make your system’s performance best by retaining stored files.

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Step 1: Take a backup of all the personal files on your computer

It is a best practice before performing any changes to your PC because we cannot tell how your data may get lost. So, keep a copy of personal files to avoid such circumstances.

Step 2: Restart your computer and watch the screen carefully

In this step, you need to press the F2 key before booting process startups to get BIOS- Basic Input Output System settings. Keep in mind that you have only a few seconds to press this key to suspend the booting process and enter the BIOS screen.

Step 3: Select an option called First Boot Device

Press arrow keys to select this option and press Enter. Then you have to select Advanced Options or another submenu to find it. On consequential screen, choose CDROM / DVD option, and then press the ESC key until you get back to the main BIOS screen.  Follow the on-screen commands to save your new settings and exit BIOS setup.

Step 4: Now restart your computer again by placing operating system installation CD on CD / DVD drive

Windows installation CD includes an option to repair an existing Windows installation. This option will allow you to reinstall Windows OS without losing any of the files; personal info and applications, which you already have on the PC. To take benefit of it, just place the operating system installation CD into your CD / DVD drive on your computer and restart the computer.

Step 5: After a few minutes, you will get Windows console that includes options like

•    To set up Windows now, press Enter
•    To repair a Windows installation using Recovery Console, press R
•    To quit setup without installing Windows, press F3

If you select the first option then it will take to next window console and asks your permission to format the drive that includes registry files and all OS supporting files and prompt you to install a fresh copy of OS files. Hence, you need to select the second option that performs an OS re-install process without losing your data. In case you wish to exit from this screen and to drop OS installation, press F3 key.

Step 6: When you Press R Key

The console will begin the repair and re-installation of Windows. The installation process will duplicate files to the hard drive, restart the computer, and then proceed just like a normal installation. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. When the installation process completes, you should still be able to read all of your files and installed applications.

In case if you lose data due to not taking a backup of your important files or sudden interruptions while following the above steps to reinstall Windows OS without losing the existing data. You need not worry! Because with the help of Remo Recover Windows application, you can easily perform file recovery after restoring to factory setting, reinstalling OS, installing a new OS, etc.  This tool easily restores more than 300 file formats lost due to various data loss scenarios like data deletion, data lost while reinstalling Windows operating system including Windows 10, 8, 7, and many more in a few simple steps.

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