Easy Mac Shortcuts

Mac Shortcuts are the easy way of working on Macintosh without having to access your mouse or touch pad. With the help of these shortcuts you can reduce the time required for navigating your screen with your mouse searching for a particular tab. If you are a regular mouse user, then you may find it difficult to remember these shortcuts. But once you get used to these shortcuts, you will find the difference. There are hundreds of short cuts provided by Mac, but you no need to know all of these short cuts. Instead, just make a note of the frequently used ones and try to make use of these every day so that you get used these Mac shortcuts.

First let’s see, some of the commonly used and easily recollectable keyboard shortcuts. Listed below are the shortcuts:

Key Combination


Command + A Select All
Command + X Cut the selected lines, text or even a file
Command + C Copy the selected text or image etc.
Command + V Paste the copied or cut content
Command + Z Undo or Redo the previous action
Command + Q Quit the program
Command + M Minimize the open Window
Command + W Close the Window
Command + S Save a File
Command + T Open a new Tab
Command + P Print Page
Command + B Bold the selected text
Command + I Italicize the text
Command + U Underline a word or a phrase
Command + R Refresh a Web Page (while using the Web browser )
Option + Key Type Special Characters
Command +  +(Plus) Zoom Out
Command + ~ Switch to next Window
Command + Shift + ~ Switch to previous window


Some of the other shortcuts are:

Shutting down your PC: In order to shut down your PC, you can just press the key combination “Control + Option + Command + Eject”, this by passes the Mac shutdown counter and just turns off your Mac. You can even use “Option + Command + Ejectto sleep your Mac machine.

To navigate around the Finder: With these shortcuts you can easily navigate inside the Finder. If you want to open the Applications folder use “Command + Shift + A” from an open Finder; use “Command + Shift + U” to open the utilities folder and if you want to open the desktop folder in the Finder then hit “Command + Shift + D”

Open Dictionary: While typing, sometimes you might have to open the dictionary to look-up for meaning of a word. It’s very tedious job to open the Dictionary.app every time you want to know the meaning. Hence, Mac provides you a short cut Control + Command + D to open the in-built dictionary

Minimize all Windows: If you have opened many Windows then, you can minimize all of them at once to your Dock, by using Option + Command + M

Force-Quit application:  In some situations your applications might hang, in such cases you will have to force quit those unresponsive applications. To achieve this you can make use of Command + Delete + Escape; also you can close any app without closing it by utilizing Command + Windows + W and to close the files forcefully use command + Shift + Option + Escape

Delete a File: File Deletion in Mac can be done by using “Command + Delete”, this moves your files to the Trash; in case you want to empty the Trash use “Command + Shift + Delete” and with the help of “Command + Shift + Option + Delete”, this will empty the Trash without asking any confirmation.

Be Cautious while using these deletion options, you may lose your vital data, as you are dealing with file deletion and emptying the trash. There are situations where you might mistakenly or unknowingly you may hit the wrong keys and delete your important files or even empty the Trash which contains your vital files. Hence, you lose your files. However, you can easily recover Mac files by using Remo Recover Mac software and retrieve back the files within few minutes.

Flip between applications and Windows: To Flip between the applications and the windows opened in Mac, use “Command + Shift” combination. In order to switch between the Windows of the same application, you can utilize “Command + ` ” (the ` is located above the Tab key and next to the number 1 key)

Although these shortcuts seem to be very difficult and hard to remember, they are very much helpful in reducing the time using your mouse and going through menus. The difficulties are few days but once, if you master them you can use your Mac OS X much efficiently and even increase your workflow.

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