Easy Procedure to Install Windows 10 on Mac

Day by day Mac users are increasing due to its amazing features. However there are some users who love both Mac and Windows and want to use both OS simultaneously. If you are one of them who want to use Windows OS on Macintosh computer then here we are with complete details to help you in this.

To install Windows 10 on your Mac machine, you will need to have the following:

  • Mac machine on which you are planning to install Windows 10 OS
  • A thumb drive with minimum 5 GB storage space
  • One more computer which already runs Windows 10
  • Pretty fast Internet connection

By following the below procedure Windows 10 will be installed on your Mac in a dual-boot configuration. This is nothing but, each time you turn on your system, you will have the option to choose operating system (Mac OS or Windows 10).

Get Windows 10 installation file on your Mac

  1. Connect the flash drive to your Windows system and download Windows 10’s media creation tool from Microsoft.
  2. Then open downloaded media creation tool and select Create installation media for another PC then hit Next
  3. Select Language > Edition > 64-bit Architecture > Next
  4. Then save Windows 10 installer as an ISO file and click Next
  5. Browse for a location to save Windows ISO file
  6. Once this process completes, remove the flash drive and insert it into your Mac

Procedure to get the flash drive and Mac’s partition ready for further process

  1. Open the inserted flash drive, then copy the Windows ISO file on the Mac’s desktop.
  2. Then run the Boot Camp Assistant (Located in Application\Utilities folder) and click Continue
  3. Make sure all the below tasks are checked:
  • Create a Windows 7 or later version install
  • Download the latest Windows support software from Apple
  • Install windows 7 or later version
  1. After checking all above tasks, click on Continue
  2. Then the Windows ISO file saved on desktop will be automatically located.
  3. The inserted flash drive will be automatically chosen as Install disk and click on Continue
  4. Then, Boot Camp Assistant will confirm to erase the flash drive before turning it into Windows 10 Install disk. Then it will download the newest Windows support software onto flash drive
  5. The Boot Camp Assistant will prompt you to select the size of the partition that you will use for Windows.
  6. Once it is done, without ejecting the flash drive, click on Install.

Installing Windows 10

  1. Mac will automatically bot up from the flash drive and initiate the Windows Setup process. Then you will be asked to choose the language, currency format, Time and keyboard settings for Windows. After this click on Next
  2. Then enter the Windows 10 product key and hit Next or click on The installation method will then ask you to confirm the Windows edition you want to install and ask you to agree the given terms and conditions.
  3. You will receive a list of all existing partitions, one of which is marked as This partition is the one on which you are going to install Windows 10, select it and hit Format.

NOTE: While selecting the partition for formatting be cautious. In case you select a wrong partition and format it then entire data on it will be erased. This can be a distressing issue. Because you cannot get back your data from Mac hard drive after formatting without help of a recovery software. So, you will have rely on a third-party recovery software. Hence, it is better to avoid such instances.

  1. Then you will receive an confirmation message from Windows setup, click on OK then on Next
  2. Wait until the Windows Setup completes the process, then Mac will start up with Windows 10. Then you can follow the normal steps to set up a new Windows computer such as creating user account.
  3. When you log in for the first time, then you will get the installation message, just click on Next and proceed with rest of installation, just reboot the computer and you are done!

When you have both Windows 10 and Mac OS on the same machine, you can only use one OS at a time. To set which OS to boot up as default, use the Boot Camp control panel (Windows) or Startup Disk in System Preferences (Mac).

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